Barton G. LA: Cotton Candy Coiffeur & Cocktails

LA’s culinary playground Barton G. is debuting two pretty spectac spun sugar creations in honor of National Cotton Candy Day.

Barton G.’s renowned Marie Antoinette’s Head ($25) is getting a new hairdo. The theatrical dessert ordinarily features yards of pink bubblegum cotton candy spun and layered into an edible two-foot wig. Marie’s winter coiffeur features grape, cherry, strawberry, and blue raspberry-flavored cotton candy served alongside a slice of Raspberry & Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake with fresh berries and Schlag.


And then there are the cocktails! Indulge in a Cotton Candy Martini ($22), a playful addition to the specialty liquid-nitrogen drink menu. The cotton candy-filled martini glass is served tableside with a penguin shaker of Citrus Vodka, ruby red grapefruit juice, orange juice, and Cointreau, poured over the bubblegum-flavored house-spun floss, which vanishes into a cloud of sweet smoke to finish off the cocktail.

Watch the dramatic presentation here!

Did you know?

  • William Morrison (a dentist!) and John C. Warton invented cotton candy in 1897 but didn’t introduce it to the public until the 1904 World’s Fair.
  • Cotton candy was originally called “fairy floss.”
  • Cotton candy contains only spun sugar with a touch of food coloring.
  • A batch of cotton candy has less sugar than a can of regular soda and is fat-free.





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