Barton G. LA Premieres Artful Dishes to Toast One-Year Anniversary

Dining at Barton G LA is one part culinary innovations, equal parts theatrical performance and gallery exhibit, featuring whimsical dishes that double as gustatory still lifes, a must for out-of-town guests, a special date-night, Glam Girls Night Out, or when you “just wanna have fun” over a few Liquid Nitrogen cocktails. Make mine a Sabrinatini!


Thursday, June 18 marks the one-year anniversary of the west coast multi-sensory dining destination, known for revolutionizing neo-classic American cuisine.  Barton G. LA offers adults a fun, upscale take on nostalgic dishes and has become recognizable for original creations such as the Lobster Pop TartsMarie Antoinette’s Head, and LA’s most artfully innovative, high-octane cocktail program.


To mark the one-year anniversary of this  glam culinary theatery, Barton G LA is debuting seasonal dinner and dessert specials ($19-$32) from concept designer/restaurateur/author, and hotelier Barton G. Weiss and team. The dishes feature imaginative takes on classics such as chopped salad and ceviche, as well as original inventions including Smoked Tofu ‘Crème Fraîche,’ Shiitake Bacon, Savory Mango Sorbet, Crackling Snickers, and more.

“We love experimenting and reimaging familiar dishes to take the one step further and to surprise guests not only on presentation but also with different ways of cooking with everyday seasonal ingredients,” says Weiss. “This summer for our anniversary, we’re introducing several new dishes to spotlight local farmer’s market produce in never-before-seen ways, fro  a salad inspired by the Sunflower to an umami-forward vegan mushroom entrée.”

New seasonal specials for summer at West Hollywood’s Barton G. LA include:


  • Barton’s Seasonal Chopped Salad $19

Wild Arugula, Tender Greens, Sunflower Petals and Farmers Market Stone Fruits with Locally Grown Cherries, Sunchoke, and Sunflower-Pickled Stone Fruit Vinaigrette


Leche de Leopardo Ceviche

  • Halibut Ceviche ‘Leche de Leopardo’ $21

Line Caught Pacific Halibut, Laughing Bird Shrimp, Citrus, and Haas Avocado Mousse with Aji Amarillo, Savory Mango Sorbet and Crispy Plantain

  • Porcini ‘Pizzeola’ $28

Porcini Mushroom Tarte Flambé, with Smoked Tofu ‘Crème Fraiche’, Shiitake ‘Bacon’, and Arugula, Jubilee Tomato Escabeche, Lentil Croquettes, Charred Eggplant Dip

Crazy Bird Gets the Worm Photo Cred.: Barton G.

Crazy Bird Gets the Worm
Photo Cred.: Barton G.

  • Crazy Bird Gets the Worm $32

Double Chocolate Sponge Cake Bombs with Butter Toffee, Chocolate Mint Cream, Banana Praline, & Crackling Snickers Filling


Alaskan Everglades Photo Cred.: Barton G.

Alaskan Everglades
Photo Cred.: Barton G.


  • Baked Alaskan Everglades $32

Seven Story Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake, Wrapped in Toasted Meringue and Topped with Candy Apple ‘Cherry’


bartonglobster (2)

We’re in for a Sabrinatini, Lobster Pop Tarts, Barton’s Seasonal Chopped Salad (because a girl has to appear somewhat virtuous!) and hmm… shall we do the Baked Alaska Everglades or Crazy Bird Gets the Worm….


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