Dolla Dolla Bills, Y'all

Barton G. Launches Playful Whimsy in WeHo

Dolla Dolla Bills, Y'all

All Photo Credits: Barton G.

Nobody does dining as theatrics quite like Barton G. Weiss. The WeHo outpost of his eponymous restaurant, Barton G. LA, has introduced an imagination-galore menu from the concept designer/restaurateur/author/culinary visionary and his team.

The newly introduced dishes and cocktails are an extravagance for all the senses — upscale interpretations of classics with tongue-in-cheek names and presentation. The Barton G. experience is incomparable and Instagram-worthy.

“We love experimenting and reimaging familiar dishes to take them one step further and surprise guests not only on presentation, but by using different ways of cooking to showcase quality seasonal ingredients,” says Weiss. “We’re introducing a new menu to spotlight American favorites in never before seen ways while still showcasing flavor for a well-rounded, yet out-of-the-box dining experience.”

5- Studio 54- The Disco Ball- 12oz. Brisket & Veal Meatball

If Dr. Seuss and Salvador Dahli had a culinary collaboration, it might include dishes like Studio 54 — The Disco Ball ($32), 12-oz. ground Wagyu brisket and veal meatball with Bucatini pasta, San Marzano tomato sauce, roasted garlic ricotta and a 45 RPM crouton.

New Spring Menu Items include:

1A- Kobe's Huge Weiner- 14oz. Magnum Kobe Sausage

Kobe’s Huge Weiner ($32): A 14-oz Kobe sausage nestled in a griddled poppy seed brioche bun served with honey-laced spicy mustard, neon relish, shaved fresh black truffle, truffle cheese sauce and hot dog chips.

Gone Aztec Fishing ($40): Crispy whole local snapper marinated in garlic and pimento with candied plantains, spiced cilantro slaw and roasted Serrano-lime aioli.

4A BG Platinum Ranch Wagyu Tomahawk

B.G. Platinum Ranch Tomahawk for 2 (Market Price): 32-oz KERWEE Silver Grade Australian Wagyu Ribeye, lime-broiled Warm Water Lobster Tail and Gulf Shrimp prepared with Yucca logs and accompanied by charred tomato and Salsa “Ranchera.”

So Much More Than Dessert:

9 Rubber Ducky.. Your The One!- Coconut Cream Cake

Rubber Ducky…You’re The One ($33): Coconut angel cake, overflowing with whipped coconut cream in a milk chocolate tub! Served with white chocolate-passion fruit ducklings.

7A- Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all!!!- Dulce de Leche -S'Mores Tart

Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all!!! ($36): Showstopper. Rich chocolate ganache and dulce de leche tart under a — gold brick shell torched tableside for a beyond belief take on the S’more. Liquid nitrogen chocolate — feuilletine golden nugget ice cream on the side.

8-Barton's Bakery- Warm Butter Brioche Bread Pudding

The Big Dish ($44): Better than a doggie bag: Your take-home copy of Barton G. Weiss’s celebrated cookbook! While you’re here, warm butter brioche bread pudding baked with white chocolate and raspberries, topped with vanilla ice cream and served with candied pecan-filled eggs,  lemon-mango coulis and rum syrup.


‘Bout Those Cocktails…

Barton G.’s Below Zero Nitro Bar is featuring a new high-octane cocktail for two served with the signature liquid nitrogen frozen alcoholic popsicles along with fresh presentations of two house favorites.

14-BGLA Below The Belt for 2 FINAL

Below the Belt for 2 ($46): Bourbon or gin with apple cider, organic honey nectar, fresh citrus, rosemary, thyme and orange zest with applewood smoke. Take an Uber.

11A-Buddhalicious 2.0-Pear Vodka Nitro Martini

Buddhalicious ($22)

13- Diamonds Are Forever 2.0- Citrus Vodka Nitro Martini (1)

Diamonds are Forever ($21)


About Barton G. Restaurants

Revolutionizing neo-classic American cuisine, Barton G. Restaurants offer adults a fun, upscale dining experience. Showcasing famously over-the-top culinary theatrics, the whimsical restaurant and Barton G. brand continues to redefine the art of menu creation, culinary innovation, and hospitality experience. Now celebrating more than 15 years of success on South Beach, the restaurant is the creation of events impresario Barton G. Weiss, whose innovative approach to entertaining has received worldwide acclaim. The dining experience at Barton G. is designed to bring out the ‘inner child;’ engaging the senses while exploring fantasy and imagination bringing to life Weiss’ notion of “The Art of Being Social.” For more information, please visit: Website/Instagram/Facebook

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