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Beaming Brings Artisan Cleanses to LA

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Photo Credit:YogaWorks

Lisa Odenweller was a fast track business and marketing director in tech before she traded in the corporate lifestyle to move with her family to San Diego — and started several businesses as a design entrepreneur. Sometimes, it takes one encounter to put us on the path to our true mission — and for Lisa, that aha moment happened when she heard preventative health expert and cancer survivor Kris Carr. Odenweller was stirred by Carr’s message that food was  the cornerstone of health — and knew she could combine her passion for health and obsession with food to create an experience that would inspire people of all ages to embrace the benefits of eating clean, plant-based foods without feeling that they were sacrificing taste or enjoyment.

Confident her path was forged, she attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and read as much as she could about health and nutrition. For Lisa, this health journey isn’t about fanaticism but balance and that includes an occasional glass of wine or slice of pizza.

Six years ago, Odenweller began work on a year-long pilot program focused on raw-food cleansing. She recruited top holistic chefs, cleansing experts, and Adina Niemerow, author of Super Cleanse. Partnering with other world-class and holistic chefs, the team created a superfood menu for the first Beaming cafe in Del Mar, which opened in December 2012.

Today, Beaming has grown to include seven cafes, including four L.A. area outposts in Brentwood, on Santa Monica’s Montana, and in West Hollywood. The latest location recently opened at Westfield Century City. Retail workers pile in to sample juices and pick up salads, a testament to the community building outreach of the brand.

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Beaming’s Organic Superfood Cafes offer  unique cleansing programs and a menu of plant-based meals and snacks, from coconut ceviche to raw vegetable lasagne, salads, gluten- and dairy-free desserts, Acai and Pitaya bowls, and more. The juices at Beaming are cold-pressed and contain only organic fruits and vegetables. Chefs hand-blend every juice, adjusting to create the most flavor-forward juices possible, much like one would craft artisan beer. Superfood Smoothies may feature housemade sprouted nut milk. Don’t miss the Beamuccino, made with freshly sprouted almond milk, cinnamon, dates, coconut nectar, cold-pressed Stumptown coffee — and Himalayan pink salt.  The offerings are complemented by carefully curated products such as small batch Kombucha.  Build your own nutrient-dense high-protein breakfast at the Superfood Porridge Bar, a collab between Beamly and Breakfast Criminals, available at select cafes.


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Beaming has turned the typical juice cleanse on its head — instead of depleting the body, the focus is on restoring balance. All cleanses feature low-glycemic, nutrient-dense juices, protein-rich smoothies, fresh salads, soups, superfood elixirs, and protein snacks that are delicious as well as health-enhancing.

Signature cleanses range from Beaming Lifestyle Cleanse for the novice cleansers — which includes two cold-pressed juices, one superfood protein smoothie, one superfood elixir, one soup and a salad or raw entree, Vitality Turmeric Power Shot, and Beaming Cleanse and Balance Tea — to a Lean Cleanse designed to accelerate weight loss with more greens and less fruit. For athletes and those with a brisk workout regimen, there’s an Active Cleanse that includes two cold pressed juices, one high protein Beaming Breakfast, one Superfood Protein/Recovery Smoothie, one pre- or post-workout Electrolyte Elixir, one soup and salad or entree with quinoa, one or two Superfood Protein Snacks, and a Beaming Cleanse and Balance Tea. Longer term cleanses and a Bride-to-Be Cleanse are also available.


But one of the most unusual features of Beaming is centered on supporting fertility, pregnancy, and lactation. Partnering with doula, life coach, and healer Lori Bregman (The Mindful Mom-to-Be), Beaming’s menu includes the Get Preggy Smoothie that promotes healthy, vibrant cells and hormone balancing — with ingredients like superfood green protein powder, superfood greens, maca, bee pollen, and royal jelly; Knocked Up for expectant mothers, rich in Omega for brain development, calcium for strong bones, iron for healthy blood, and more –with dates, goji berries, Beaming superfood green protein powder, chia, e3live, and hemp seeds; and More Milk, filled with galactagogue foods that can help jump-start or increase breast milk production — with ingredients like oats (soaked in mulberries, mesquite, maca, and flax seeds), sun chlorella powder, Brewers yeast, and fenugreek.

No matter what your level of commitment to plant-based diets or cleanses, Beaming has created an appealing and  approachable brand — exactly what Lisa Oddenweller had set out to do. A visit to any Beaming Cafe is a friendly experience — with samples and education about all of the cafe’s juices, smoothies, and foods.













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