Carmen Electra – She’s Got a Bigger Dick Than You

carmen_electra_bigger_stick_album_cover“Don’t blow it, we’re f*%^ing hot and you know it” are just some of the lyrics off of Carmen Electra’s new single, “Bigger Dick”. This is female empowerment through the lense of a girl who has made it clear to the world that anything you can do, she can do better. The song is a bass thumping, bad-bitch-for-life anthem that captures the sex, swag, attitude, and the overall Pussycat Doll fabulousness that is Carmen Electra. Revere sat down with the star to find out more about the woman who’s done it all.

It’s clear the 41-year-old beauty shows no signs of slowing down (apparently she has also found the fountain of youth). She has established herself as one of the most versatile women in showbiz with a career that has spanned over 22 years. She’s a singer, actress, model, dancer, published author, and a conscious philanthropist who is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable names in the world.

The blue-eyed Ohio beauty was born Tara Leigh Patrick, and got her first major break when she met Prince in 1991 upon moving to Los Angeles. The musician signed her to his label, Paisley Park Records, and he also gave her a priceless gift: her new moniker. “While recording at Paisley Park Records, Prince and I watched a movie called Carmen Jones. After that he just started calling me Carmen and then so did everyone else around us. The name stuck! It’s a once in a lifetime experience to have Prince name you”. First breaks in Hollywood don’t get any better than that.

With a budding music career in the works, Electra memorably went on to grace the pages of Playboy, officially marking her arrival as a sex symbol and one of the most desirable women in the business. She starred on MTV’s Singled Out, an experience she remembers fondly. “It helped bring me out of my shyness and was always fun and always felt like a party. They allowed you to be yourself on camera, you could make mistakes – in fact, mistakes were cool.” Soon thereafter, her portrayal of Lani Mckenzie in the iconic red bathing suit on the hit show Baywatch shot her to superstardom. She has appeared on the cover of Playboy three separate times and has been named on every hot list and sexiest countdown in existence. Electra has also appeared in several movies such as Scary Movie, My Boss’s Daughter, Starsky & Hutch, Date Movie, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and Disaster Movie and has appeared on popular TV shows like Beverly Hills, 90210, Stacked, Summerland, and King of the Hill. She has been in video games, numerous commercials, and even released her own fitness DVD series titled Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease (we’ll buy that).

There aren’t a lot of celebrities that can say they’ve covered this broad a spectrum in their careers, and Electra has love for all her endeavors. “I can’t choose one over the other as a favorite,” she says. “They have all changed my life in different ways.” But a career this long and varied doesn’t come easy, and Electra has demonstrated a savvy sense of business and a deep understanding of her strengths, which have no doubt been key to her longevity. That, and a willingness to let the public into her life.

carmen_electra_red_carpetAfter very public divorces from famous men, and then baring her most intimate moments on reality TV, Electra has continued to hold her head up high and pursue her goals as passionately as she did when she was a teenager meeting Prince for the first time. Her fans have loved and accepted her for who she is because she isn’t afraid to be herself and makes no excuses for what she stands for. So has she found someone man enough to handle her? “I’ve been dating a bit but I’m not really looking. The right situation will come into my life at the right time. I have always been in long relationships but for now I’m enjoying being single”.

In addition to her creative endeavors, Electra is also an ardent philanthropist. She has helped bring awareness to various charities like Head to Hollywood and Elevate Hope. “Head to Hollywood and brain cancer has had the biggest impact on my life because of the loss of my mother,” she explains. “I am also involved in different children’s charities. What lead me to the children’s charities was actually through Head to Hollywood, because there are so many kids with cancer. What I have learned from the brave, strong people battling cancer and other diseases is that they are true fighters. They are such an inspiration and really help put things into perspective.

In addition to returning back to music with her hot new single, Electra has just wrapped a movie called The Book of Fire. She is working hard in the studio on new music and is gearing up for her much-anticipated performance at Toronto Pride. So what can we learn from a woman who has conquered every aspect of show business, all while looking perpetually 20? “Get out of your head, have no worries, and stay in the moment instead of jumping too far ahead into the future.” And, of course, have the biggest dick in the room.

 - Angela Reid

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