Chef Arthur Gonzalez Sources Local Ingredients to Up Long Beach Dining Game

Long Beach has developed a culinary niche and one of the key players is Exec Chef/Owner Arthur Gonzalez. His Panxa Cocina, which brings the inspired traditions of New Mexico, and Roe Seafood  tap into the fresh produce and seafood southern Californians are fortunate to enjoy.

Gonzalez says he loves to see what his suppliers have each day and to come up with new dishes that utilize the best ingredients. That includes microgreens, Fava beans, and even huacatay, a special Peruvian mint he’s encouraged Sasha Kanno, Farm Lot 59 founder, to grow.


In Long Beach’s Belmont Shores, Roe Seafood attracts locals and visitors with its stylish and welcoming ambiance, as well as a delicious evolving menu that features fresh from the source fish, as well as farm to table vegetables and herbs.  At a recent brunch, we enjoyed dishes including:


Poisson Cru, Chef Art’s take on ceviche with shrimp, whitefish, and huacatay Peruvian mint, touched with coconut cream and shavings.

IMG-1379 (1)

Sm0ked Salmon Quiche with house-smoked salmon, fresh corn, and tomato, served with Farm Lot 59 greens


Fava Bean Toast with BreadBar bread, Farm Lot 59 fava beans, and housemade ricotta


Charred Farm Lot 59 Greens with anchovies and aioli


Hangover Stew with Hatch chili broth, local shellfish, sausage, and grilled flatbread

Roe Seafood’s menu features sustainable seafood, as well as options for those who prefer not to eat fish. The restaurant serves weekend brunch, weekday lunch, and dinner seven nights a week, as well as a happy hour daily from 3-6 pm. Roe Seafood’s cocktail menu includes updated classics, as well as wine and beer.

In Belmont Heights,  at Panxa Cocina, Chef Gonzalez serves modern Latin cuisine with a southwestern twist, inspired by his time in New Mexico. Menu highlights include Charred Queso Oaxaca, Chayote Squash Salad, a variety of enchiladas, Mexican Prawn Tamale Dumplings, Chimayo pozole, and large plates. The restaurant’s beverage menu includes specialty cocktails and margaritas.





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