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Churro Central: LA Restaurants Serve International Favorite

Churros. A fried Choux-based pastry snack popular throughout the globe, from Spain and Portugal to France the Philippines, Ibero-America, and Southwestern US — and even your neighborhood Costco.

The churro has a global pedigree. Spaniards enjoy the pastry as a breakfast treat, typically accompanied by a thick hot chocolate or cafe con leche. Though its history is unclear, Portuguese sailors credit the Chinese with creating youtiao, strips of golden, salty fried pastry. Merchants put their own spin on the savory dish when they returned to Portugal, sweetening the fried dough with a dusting of sugar instead of salt.

LA foodie favorites are including this crispy sugary snack on the menu. Why not take a Churro Tour across the globe without heading to LAX?

Photo Credit: Dan Collopy

Photo Credit: Dan Collopy

E.P.&L.P.’s Southeast Asian-inspired Chengdu Churro features star anise sugar and Sichuan chocolate.

Photo Credit: Dylan Ho

Photo Credit: Dylan Ho

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar’s French-inspired Signature Cruller
pairs Pâte à Choux Dough with cinnamon and sugar.

Churros Calientes takes a cue from Cuban with organic and Cuban-influenced Guava-filled Churros.

Sweet Daily Café brings it back to the states with the all-American Churro Dog — a frank on a churro bun with garlic aioli.

Throughout LA, Argentine-inspired stuffed dulce de lecho churros are popping up as the Churro Croissant from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse  and DTLA’s neighborhood restaurant/bar barcito.

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Churros and small batch ice cream, anyone? In Los Feliz, Sylvia Yoo of Churro Borough turns her pastry cred into a serious churro/ice cream mashup that is not to be missed.  The Original Churro Ice Cream Sandwich pairs one scoop of house crafted ice cream between two discs of freshly fried churro disc, tossed in house spiced sugar. Other churro specialties include Churro Fries with chocolate, toffee, or guava dipping sauce, and Churro Bits, freshly fried chopped churro bits in house spiced sugar.


In the Valley, Boneyard Bistrohas planned a BBQ Tour of Argentina on Wednesday, March 29, featuring a Churro Ice Cream Sundae (Dulce De Leche, Ice Cream, and Vanilla Bean Fudge) for dessert.

Who doesn’t love a good churro, whether wrapped around a hot dog or nestled in ice cream? Let us know your favorite!




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