Green Juice

Clover + Coolhaus = Awesome Desserts for the Plant-Based Crowd

You’re trying to go plant-based but who can give up ice cream or more specifically, Coolhaus and those trippy architecturally-inspired gourmet ice cream sandwiches? Well, starting July 13, local cold-pressed juicery Clover is partering with Coolhaus to launch two new exclusive vegan flavors, Green Juice Ice Cream and Caramel Salé Nut MilkGreen Juice  is a coconut milk-based ice cream with spirulina, banana, vanilla bean, candied dates, and toasted coconut shreds. Caramel Salé is a chocolate salted caramel nut milk made from almond, cashew, cacao powder, medjool dates, maca, pink Himalayan salt, and water. Prices for Green Juice range from $5-6 for ice cream sandwiches (depending on cookie choice) and $5 for a scoop at both Coolhaus locations, as well as all trucks in LA, Dallas and NYC. Pints of Green Juice ice cream can also be purchased for $12 at Clover’s La Brea location. Caramel Salé Nut Milk will be available for $12 at all Clover and Coolhaus locations, including Coolhaus trucks and online across the US.

342 La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

The Coolhaus Shop
8588 W Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA  90232

The Coolhaus Shop
59 East Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA  91105

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