CZAR: Fashion’s Kingdom of Fire + Ice

CZAR: Haute + Cool

Bright hot lights and coolly reflective mirrors created a sleek scene at the Fall Winter 2014 CZAR presentation during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The juxtaposition of femininity and strength was eloquently and effectively done in this second collection by Cesar Galindo.

Black Cut Out Dress
Shapely made with eye catching cut outs making the dress a statement piece.

Black Cut Out Dress: Shapely made with eye catching cut outs making the dress a statement piece.

The collection titled “Altered States” has a distinct thread of contrasts seamlessly running through it. A somewhat volcanic feel erupted thanks to the choices of intensely coloured and shiny fabrics and patterns. In addition, the careful choice to add “speed stripes”  (Holi Powder – a temporary chalk for the hair) at the models’ temples enhanced the feeling of contrast with a sort of cool rush.

Floral Cut Femininity
Delicate patterns partnered with bold hair and make up.


Designing for over 20 years prior to launching CZAR, Galindo, of Mexican American heritage, often comments (both verbally and aesthetically) about his interest in technology. His designs demonstrate a lean toward the futuristic. In particular, this show explored the artistic side of fashion while subtly drawing out the feeling of progress, experimentation and tomorrow.

Sleeveless Patterned Pretty + Bold
The lean toward the feminine with an a-line and floral.


The women who choose to adorn themselves in CZAR will find themselves cloaked in clothing that supports their evolving and changing personalities, careers, social lives, and desire to set the trend. Cesar Galindo‘s show used fashion to demonstrate the versatility of women, showing their ability to be both hot as fire and cool as ice.

Purple Shine
Show stopping. Glittery and glamorous, impossible to miss.


To learn more about CZAR by Cesar Galindo visit: Twitter @czarnyc and Facebook CZARByCesarGalindo

Make up: Mary Kay’s Ashunta Sheriff + Hair: Janelle Chaplin of O+M

- Bessie Schenk / @BessieSchenk

a.k.a. “The Sole Searcher” / / @My_Sole_Search / Insta: TheSoleSearcher 


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