Family Business: Triarchy Denim

Triarchy: The family that makes jeans together, stays together.


What happens when three siblings with interests ranging from architecture, competitive show jumping, and motorcycle design come together? They create denim. Really amazing denim, with designs that stand out and a fit like no other.

Hailing from Vancouver, Adam, Ania and Mark Taubenfligel are the forces behind the coolest denim brand to launch in years. Their production is based in Los Angeles, so Revere couldn’t resist an interview with the siblings to find out more about their designs, and whether working in a family business is all it’s cracked up to be. (Spoiler alert: it is.)

Revere: What brought you to LA from Vancouver, besides the rain-to-sun ratio?

Triarchy: We manufacture the brand in LA. When we looked around to find the best manufacturer for denim, there was no option besides LA, at least for us. It’s so prevalent here. There are so many contractors, so many ways to do everything, so we’re really able to work with the best in the industry to develop this crazy stuff that you see here.

R: Does California’s unique style have an increasing influence on your designs as you continue to live here?

T: We don’t think so. What we realized is that denim is not seasonal to us. And it really isn’t, because whether it’s summer or winter, you’re going to put on jeans, so we just go with what we like. For example, instead of “let’s do a floral print,” we ask questions like “what about wood? Is that even possible?” Then we go to the wash house with a wood stain lacquer, and it’s trial and error.


R: What’s it like working with siblings?

T: It’s amazing. It’s great. There are no rivalries, because when we want to call each other out on something, we can go to town and there’s no way it’s going to not work out. We almost find that business is done faster, because we get to the point, get it done, and move on. We all bring a really crucial ingredient to what we’re doing, and if one of us were missing, we really don’t know how it would work.

R: During the spring/summer 2014 World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, you sent “real” women down the runway instead of typical waif-like models. (Hooray!) What was the reason behind this choice?

T: It has to do with having an element of realism in it. That’s a huge thing for us. We are denim. When people ask what our demographic is, it’s a very difficult question because our 16-year-old cousin puts [our jeans] on, and our 60-year-old aunt puts them on. Jeans are so universal. And for us, jeans don’t look good unless you can fill them out. We want people to identify with it. So I think we got a really good variety of different sizes and types. It’s also a cutthroat business, and to be able to give some of these girls a chance—especially when a lot of agents might pass on them—is really great and they were so excited. That makes the show.

R: Well, we loved it! So what about your future plans for Triarchy?

T: We’re so very happy with denim. It’s really what the brand is. We have visions for the future, but right now this is great. Get one thing right, and then move on. In the future we can always do more, but denim is our love, it’s what we all grew up in. It’s instilled in us.


To learn more about Triarchy or to purchase products, visit their website at

- Esther Rogers

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