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Fur the Love of Luxury Fashion

As a sun lover I will say that I am rarely looking forward to the cold and stormy winter days. However, Farley Chatto may just change your mind about this. His most recent collection which launched during World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, Canada #wmcfw will have you waiting for the next snowfall (or in the case of the Southerners, considering a trip to the Alps).
No stranger to the world of fashion, Chatto has been a designer since the 80s and has always been known as a forward-thinking and experimental designer. The Toronto-based designer launched his line of haute couture menswear in 1988. He’s noted for dressing celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Noth, Laurence Fishburne and Elton John. His client base includes MAC Cosmetics, Barbie, Louis Vuitton and Virgin.
His latest collection though covers both women and menswear. With inspiration stemming from the last Czar of Russia – Nicholas II, the FW15 collection has luxury and opulence written all over it.
A - Foxy Lady - Circle Skirted NAFA Silver Fox Swing Coat. and Hat    A - Rockin' Raccoon - NAFA Raccoon Directional Coat
In a time when people are questioning fur, he’s venturing out and showcasing it. However, not half hazardly as his designs are made exclusively with Origin Assured furs which indicates that they are sustainably produced in countries where they are governing regulations surrounding the rather controversial fur industry.
His designs are full of texture and vivacious colour. The furs are also of a unique and memorable variety. The majority of the furs used are from species native to Canada and are under the Ministry of Natural Resources that is the governing body to ensure responsible trade. So bring on the minks, silver foxes, sables, chinchillas and wild beavers, lynxes, coyotes and racoons.
A - Vest Love - Fur Vest + Matching Hat    A - Ravishing Reds - An Evening Look Alternative
His designs showcased unique looks that blend the military with the glamourous. A marriage of the contemporary design with the history of a rich and colourful imperial past.
This show brought a full Imperial Russia type of experience including the music (of course a little Rasputin), lighting and digital presentation in both Russian and English to round out the atmosphere. Here’s to waiting for the first snowfall.
For more information on Farley Chatto visit:
Twitter: @FarleyChatto
Insta: @farleychatto
Facebook: Farley Chatto Designs

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