International Hip Cuisine Opens 2nd Outpost of Rawkin’ Juice on Santa Monica’s Montana


Cold-pressed juices and smoothies, superfoods and vegan raw dishes — what’s more L.A. than that?
Surprisingly, the nutritional value concepts company Hip Cuisine has its roots in Panama, home to CEO Natalia Lopera, who opened the first location of Hip Cuisine in Panama City in 2015.  The Miami-based company’s mission is to deliver nutritious menus featuring superfood ingredients at approachable prices for the on-the-go customer looking for a healthier alternative. The company plans to expand its brands in the U.S. and in Latin America.
With the acquisition of Burbank-based Rawkin’ Juice and Living Gourmet, a renowned daily producer of fresh, organic raw-vegan burgers, sandwiches, burritos and soups, Hip Cuisine is able to expand the line to include food as well as juices and smoothies at its Santa Monica location.
The juice and smoothie menu at Rawkin’ features music-inspired names including Green Album, The Beet Goes On and Bongo Bliss. The smoothie-line features names such as Hemp Notes and Concert Date. All juices and smoothies are 100 percent organic, using a slow and gentle Cold Press to deliver highest nutritional values and taste. The juices and smoothies are glass-bottled and are not treated with pasteurization, aeration, filtering or HPP.
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Of course, there’s a cleanse — and the Rawkin’ program includes juices, smoothies, organic vegan meus and desserts, designed for customers who prefer a no-hunger cleanse. During a recent visit, we sampled a raw vegan burrito and “pizza” with “crust” prepared from the fiber left from the juicing process.
Rawkin Juice’s custom Tune Up! Cleanses feature a graduated personal tuning system geared to detoxify and revitalize one’s system — to lose weight, improve skin tone, increase stamina or flush away anxiety. The levels include Bass for beginners, Middle C for intermediate cleansing and Soprano for advanced detoxers and body purifiers.
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Rawkin’ Juice

705 Montana Boulevard

Santa Monica, California 90403





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