LAZO Launches Cultural Excursion in Oaxaca

This January, the eCommerce platform LAZO  is hosting its Inaugural Experience: A Lunch and Culture Event in Oaxaca with Chef Eduardo “Lalo” Garcia, designer Raul Cabara, and additional local artisans. The special event will take place January 19-21.

I sat down with LAZO founder Paola de la Rosa to talk about this amazing introduction to the artisan culture of Oaxaca.

“LAZO was born just months ago but is a collaborative effort of over ten years with artisans. We’ve seen the greatest need to sell.  I decided to support these artisans because I have worked with them for 12 years and it became a life mission, especially in a country where they face different situations. In this sense, LAZO is the window so they can sell to the world and is expected to take it to the United States, Europe and Asia during the first five years,” de la Rosa says.

And now, guests will have the opportunity to meet with artisans first-hand in a very special excursion.


LAZO is a cultural eCommerce platform that showcases the cultural traditions of Mexico, highlighting popular art, master artisans, and one-of-a-kind experiences. By sharing the unique voice of the country, de la Rosa adds, we celebrate the Mexico through the five senses and in its purest form. LAZO’s curated online store connects Mexico’s master artisans with an audience throughout the world.


The Inaugural LAZO EXPERIENCES will feature an intimate and exclusive multi-sensory lunch featuring Eduardo “Lalo” Garcia (Chef Lalo) and designer  Raul Cabra to be held at ExHacienda Guadalupe. The meal melds traditional and contemporary flavors. The event will also feature private access to some of Oaxaca’s cultural points of interest.

Two levels of ticket packages are available, ranging from $420-550 USD at the LAZO site.

Day 1. The first stop will be a 16th century church in Tlacochahuaya, one of Oaxaca’s most iconic buildings. During this exclusive visit, guests will hear a unique and rare organ concert and experience a show of Calenda dolls, a distinctly Oaxacan tradition that commemorates important celebrations.

Following the visit to Tlacochahuaya, guests will visit ExHacienda Guadalupe, a 200-year-old farmhouse compound for a tour by Raul Cabra, the Principal at the design firm Cabra Diseno. Following the design tour, guests will enjoy an exquisite lunch prepared by Lalo and a group of traditional local cooks selected to participate.

After lunch, guests will enjoy cocktails and a special music performance. Private transportation will be available from 6 – 9 pm to return guests to their hotels.


Day 2. Participants will have the chance to visit the workshops of two LAZO artisans. The first artisan to be featured is Josefina Jiminez, a textile artist dedicated to her craft of creating tapestries in pedal looms with natural dyes since she was 13. Jiminez will demonstrate her natural dye technique that she utilizes for her rugs.

The second artisan stop will be the workshop of José Hernández, a fourth generation candlemaker. He will demonstrate every step in the making of his traditional candles.

Ticketholders will have access to a secret website with special information on Oaxaca and accommodations alongside a special tour designed by Ana Elena Mallet, Mexico City-based art curator specializing in modern and contemporary design.

This event is the first within the larger LAZO Experiences program, which is designed to connect the rich traditions and authentic flavors of Mexico with fans around the world, through immersive events and experiences.

About Chef Eduardo “Lalo” García

The world renowned chef owns three restaurants in Mexico (Maximo Bistrot Local, LALO! and Havre 77). His unique spin combines Mexican cuisine with a French influence and he will bring a once-in-a-lifetime experience to Oaxaca for participants.

About ExHacienda Guadalupe

This 200-year-old farmhouse is in the heart of the Mezcal region of Tlacochahuaya and has been rehabbed into a collaborative space that engages local communities with professionals in gastronomy, literature, and design projects.

ExHacienda operates under the direction of designer Raul Cabra, writer Michael Sledge and gastronomical journalist Frederick Jimenez. It is home to the Oax-i-fornia project that over the past ten years has connected the world of design with traditional crafts for culinary purposes in Mexico and beyond.

“For us, the ultimate way to gain understanding of the complexity and depth of Oaxacan culture, gastronomy and craft is puro Oaxaca, by immersing oneself in Oaxaca: A day in the life of a small town in the mezcal region, with doors wide open to experiences rarely available to the common visitor,” shared Raul Cabra.

About Tickets


  • 80 tickets available
  • Visit to church at Tlacochahuaya, and organ concert
  • Transportation from Oaxaca to the Hacienda (Saturday)
  • Lunch served by Chef Lalo and traditional cooks (Saturday)
  • Open bar after lunch (Saturday)
  • Visit to LAZO artisans’ workshops (Sunday)



  • 20 tickets available
  • Includes joining Chef Lalo for a private tour of the local market, where he’ll be sourcing the ingredients for the lunch and planning the menu based on what is available and fresh (Friday)
  • Everything included in the Gold Ticket

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

For more information on Ex Hacienda Guadalupe, visit

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