Phillip Frankland Lee Debuts Sushi Speakasy in Encino

All Photo Credits. Jakob Layman

For decades, Ventura Boulevard has been sort of ground central for sushi. And Encino’s homeboy turned rockstar chef/restaurateur¬†Phillip Frankland Lee is drawing inspiration from his roots to introduce yet another concept in the Valley’s Encino Place, joining Scratch/Bar + Kitchen, Woodley Proper, and last month’s opener, Frankland Crab & Co.



This time, an unnamed speakeasy sushi counter takes over an unused space in the back of Scratch Restaurant’s popular Woodley Proper.


The sushi speakeasy opens tonight. It’s an intimate affair with an omakase experience for just eight, first come, first serve. ¬†Wednesday through Sunday at 5 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm. Would-be guests can sign up on a chalkboard inside Woodley Proper. If that particular seating is booked, guests can wait for the next time slot. Lee and a few others from his culinary team will man the counter.


The cover will be $110/head with optional cocktail and drink pairings.

What will he think of next?






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