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Pretty and Durable – JOLIE: Travel Bags for Women on the Go

(Le Sac from JOLIE x Jocelyn Teng)
How fantastic is it to be a woman racing through the airport with all of your bags and travel gear in tow and as you are checking in you hear, “Wow, look at her luggage?” Ya, we know you love the idea and why not? It’s a great time to be fashionable as you are conducting business. The JOLIE Jocelyn Teng collection has you covered.

As the name implies, this collection is designed to be pretty (and practical) for a woman on the move. Plus, Ivy Chen, Creative Director for JOLIE has stepped up the game and this year’s collection includes actual hand-painted artwork from fashion illustrator, Jocelyn Teng of Wall9. One always loves it when there is collaboration happening. In fact, this is something we are seeing an increase of in the fashion world.
Joceyn Teng of Wall9 Hand Painting a JOLIE Le Sac Handbag.

Joceyn Teng of Wall9 Hand Painting a JOLIE Le Sac Handbag.

JOLIE in it’s second year has ventured to take on the world of travel for business women and make it a little easier. This year’s line includes a 4-in-1 handbag – Le Sac –  (a two-way reversible tote with a removable interior bag with strap that doubles as it’s own clutch) as well as a unique two-sided portfolio document bag. Add in the fact that you can truly make your travel gear your own with a hand-painted addition and you can’t go wrong. “In fashion we all work together,” said Chen. “So this (collaboration) was natural.
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I was fortunate to meet both these ladies, the artist and designer, in person during World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto, Canada #WMCFW at their public launch of the collection. Jocelyn is a lovely and talented artist. When we asked why this collaboration she said, “I met Ivy at an event about three years ago at an event where I was doing portraits of clients. We got to chatting through a mutual friend and we thought, we should do something together. Here we are.
Travel Clutch with Two-Way Separate Pockets. Hand Painted by Jocelyn Teng.

Travel Clutch with Two-Way Separate Pockets. Hand Painted by Jocelyn Teng.

Each of the paintings by Jocelyn are hand-painted on each bag ordered. However, there are a select number of designs that are used as inspiration and repeated. Each one is creative and energetic and there is a cross between the light hearted fashion girl icon to the more sophisticated and understated use of traditional shapes and lines. It’s no surprise that her work has been used with designers such as Louis Vuitton and Line Knitwear.
A - Le Sac
In contrast, Ivy comes from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world. A former legal professional and garmet manufacturer, she’s no stranger to the idea of travel for work. After launching her first line of carry on rolling suitcases (known as rollybags), she’s expanded her designs. The Fall Winter 2015 line is easier to wear, practical and fashion forward.
When asked why travel gear, Ivy laughed and informed me “I’m an over packer and I like to compact everything as much as I can. So, why not sell one bag that can be used for everything.

This May will mark the start of JOLIE’s visit into the Asian marketplace with a travel through Shanghai, South Korea and Japan among other major fashion conscious cities on the Asian continent.

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