Revere’s Guide to Peppermint: The Flavor of the Season

There are those of us for whom the innumerable renditions of pumpkin spice are like sweet clove-infused music to the ears. For others, nutmeg and allspice should stick to pie — but ah, the cool tones of peppermint. If pumpkin spice is Grand Ole Opry, peppermint is the dulcet tones of jazz.

Angelenos are graced with a plethora of options in the latter category, from silky beverages to after-shopping confections. Peppermint is so much more than candy canes.

Vinoteca in the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills: The Italia-inspired wine and espresso concept at the Four Seasons has included a bacio or two of peppermint in its holiday menu. Who doesn’t love a luxe hot chocolate? Vinoteca melts housemade bittersweet chocolate ganache and peppermint simple syrup into steamed milk for their signature Peppermint Hot Chocolate.


If coffee is more your speed, the baristas are preparing Peppermint Lattes. Guests may ask for their cups to feature polar bear coffee art to complement the icy mint flavor of the espresso. Whether you’re indulging in hot chocolate or a latte, take a break at the #PowerPatio at Vinoteca, equipped with complimentary WiFI, several USB ports/charging stations and flat- screen TVs.

Photo Credit: Erica Allen

Photo Credit: Erica Allen

Sweet Rose Creamery is offering wintery Pint Packs ($60) through December, which are available for purchase online with nationwide shipping. How’s that for a frosty gift? The pack includes Peppermint Bark Ice Cream (sweet cream enhanced with homemade peppermint bark bits swirled throughout.)

Photo Credit: Erica Allen

Photo Credit: Erica Allen

Stop in one of the Sweet Rose Creamery shops for handmade Peppermint Bark ($12) with crushed peppermint candies drenched in creamy white chocolate, layered on top of dark chocolate because Christmas only comes once a year and you can hit always double up on FlyWheel or SoulCycle.

 The Peppermint Bark is available for purchase at all five locations: Brentwood Country Mart, Santa Monica, Mid-City, Tujunga Village, Pacific Palisades.


Looking for the perfectly cool holiday gift for your favorite chocolate aficionado? Valerie Confections

Check this out. These cookies are finished with Valharona Opalys 31% White Chocolate and handmade peppermint candy! That’s little blue box-worthy, isn’t it?

Have a Cool Christmas or Hannukah!


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