SideChef: GPS in the Kitchen

Whether you completely lost around the kitchen or just need some tips to upgrade your skills, there’s a cool new app that coaches you through some pretty fab recipes. SideChef is like your virtual sous chef with real time recipe navigation including voice commands, detailed photos, how-to videos, and built-in automatic timers. Novice cooks will learn some essential skills and develop a bit of kitchen swagger while intermediate and advanced cooks can hone their abilities and even contribute recipes to the community!


SideChef CEO Kevin Yu, a former game developer, raised over $1 million to fund the app after his attempt to prepare a Valentine’s dinner went awry. iOS and Android users now have a foolproof system to navigate through the kitchen, with an ever-growing database of over 2,500 recipes from renowned chefs including Cat Cora, Jonathan Waxman, and Chris Oh, to name a few, popular food bloggers, and the SideChef community.


Users can build shopping lists, adjust serving sizes, and even plan healthy, cost-effective meals. Recipes are divided into different categories including Leanne Brown’s Good and Cheap, Farmers Market, Quick and Healthy Weeknight Meals and Easy Entertaining.

We have shelves of cookbooks gathering dust and we love this app!









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