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Margarita's Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich, Photo Credit, Frankland's Crab & Co.

Frankland’s Crab & Co. Mashup Dessert-Inspired Creation

Kids, next Wednesday is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! In case you need a designated day to honor anything involving ice cream! Pastry chef wunderkind Margarita Kallas-Lee is celebrating with …

Triple Creme Lavender Ice Cream Cone, Photo Credit, Jakob Layman

Ice Cream Because — Ice Cream

Man, it’s sweltering — and if the triple-digit scorchers are an omen, we’re going to be dipping into lots of ice cream during the next few months! Stay tuned for …


Woodley Proper: A Valley Love Story

Photo Credits: Jakob Layman For ¬†Rock Star Chef Phillip Frankland Lee and Master Dessert Artiste Margarita Kallas-Lee, Encino Place — yes, that Ventura Boulevard hybrid of medical offices and lunch …