Ted Baker: Fabrics that will Flourish

Alright, so we’d love to actually share pics with you of what we were privy to see during the Ted Baker FW15 Press Preview hosted by Faulhaber Communications - but you must wait. At least a bit longer.

That being said, we can provide you with a few insights and share some fabrics.You are going to want to keep your eyes out for these patterns and colours (ladies and gents alike) come summer’s end when you are ready for some Fall shopping.

For men, you can believe that as Ted promised, “you can trust in him” because what is coming out for wallets, belts, bags, tailor fit shirts, slacks and outerwear is divine.

As we always expect and are rewarded season over season, the devil is indeed in the details. Buttons and metal and leather embellishment work will have you shopping with Mr. Baker first.Plus, unafraid of bringing that British flair for colour and pattern to the world, some of the finest weaves we’ve seen in some time. Enjoy, gentlemen, enjoy.


For the ladies, the classics are peppered with a wide array of surprises. Nothing is missed in a collection that has added as much detail to zippers, buttons and buckles as it has to the cuts and shapes of the clothing articles. Every voice we heard during the Press Preview had people commenting from “Oh, so lady like,” to “Super Cute!” A few peeks below.


Stay tuned at the end of July, 2015 when we will share a few of the features that for now, must remain hidden. Oh, but don’t put that rose gold away – an accent we’ve come to love from Ted Baker will indeed make a strong appearance this Fall.

For more information on Ted Baker visit:

Instagram:  @ted_baker

Written By: Bessie Schenk / Twitter: @BessieSchenkLinkedIn: @BessieSchenk

a.k.a. “The Sole Searcher” / / Twitter: @My_Sole_Search / Insta: TheSoleSearcher

Photography By: Elizabeth Glassen / Twitter: @TheRealLizzGee  / LinkedIn: @ElizabethGlassen

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