The Best Barre Classes in LA

The barre method has been winning fitness fans over for a while now, so Revere has found the best studios in the city to help you get that toned ballerina bum.

Cardio Barre founder Richard Giorla says, “If you want to look like a boxer, box. If you want to look like a dancer, take barre.”

What girl doesn’t envy a ballet dancer’s sleek, streamlined physique? And what girl doesn’t love a workout where the instructor tells participants to “stand like you’re in your highest stilettos”?

Practiced regularly, barre workouts promise to lift your derriere, streamline your arms and legs, flatten your abs, and even improve your posture. So break out the legwarmers and join us on a tour of L.A.’s top barre studios!

The Bar Method

Over thirty years ago, Burr Leonard was inspired to bring her own brand of barre across the pond after taking the Lotte Berk Method on a London trip. Berk, a European dancer, fused ballet, yoga, modern dance, and stretching over sixty years ago. By the 1960s, she had become the toast of London celebs like Twiggy and Mary Quant.

Bar Method instructors track the body parts worked in each class to ensure a balanced and safe body sculpting workout with high rep small movements. Positioning of the body is key to success and safety. A team of physical therapists works with Leonard to provide safe and consistent movements and choreography in every Bar Method studio. And as anyone who has taken a Bar Method class or done Burr’s DVDs can attest, the “shake” you feel in your thighs means it’s working!

The Bar Method: Brentwood, Encino, Hermosa Beach, Long Beach, Marina del Rey, Pasadena, Silverlake, West Hollywood, West L.A.

Founded: 1981

Bring: Grip socks and a water bottle.

Style: Think cashmere and pearls, class act.

The Booty Barre


The Booty Barre founder and celeb fitness expert Tracey Mallett brings her infectious personality and over twenty years of fitness experience to Pilates and workout studios throughout the world, with locations as far away as Australia, Dubai and Asia. Unlike other studios, which are located in proprietary studios or franchises, Mallett trains instructors worldwide to conduct classes in existing studios.

Mallett was a dancer in the U.K. and brings her background as a Master Pilates instructor to the barre. The Booty Barre is Pilates + Dance + Yoga + Balance.

An energetic soundtrack, motivating instructors, and fluid movements for cardio conditioning and muscle toning are key elements in each Booty Barre class.

The Booty Barre: Yoga and Pilates studios throughout Southern California.

Founded: 2008

Bring: Grip socks and a water bottle.

Style: Think TopShop.

Cardio Barre


Cardio Barre founder Richard Giorla is one part choreographer, one part instructor, and one part motivational speaker, who peppers his cues with life lessons to be taken off the mat–or in this case, off the barre.

A Cardio Barre class taught by Giorla in his Studio City flagship brought to life my fantasy of appearing in the 1979 Bob Fosse film All That Jazz, or front and center in A Chorus Line.

A former dancer and choreographer, Giorla wanted to create an energizing cardio workout that would fuse dance and fitness, a high energy but non-impact class that would burn fat and elongate and strengthen muscles. Cardio Barre classes utilize barres and light weights to work the glutes, torso, arms, and legs, challenging balance and coordination.

Giorla shares that he aims to “empower people to transform their lives through fitness, education, motivation, and passion.”

He succeeds.

Cardio Barre: Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Eagle Rock, Hollywood, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Woodland Hills.

Founded: 2001

Bring: Grip socks, a water bottle, and a beach-sized towel.

Style: Think Capezio meets A Chorus Line.

The Dailey Method

Jill Dailey McIntosh combined her kinesiology and Pilates background to create The Dailey Method, her signature workout where “alignment with balance = results.”

Alignment and engagement are the star players in each Dailey Method class, with movement playing the supporting role. Instructors are well-schooled in the why of each movement, so each class is choreographed to ensure the most balanced and effective workout. Maintaining a neutral spine during workouts and all day long will help create a long, lean look.

Dailey McIntosh notes, “A muscle can’t be strong if it’s super short. It should be flexible and powerful.”

The Dailey Method: Calabasas, Venice.

Founded: 2000

Bring: Grip socks and a water bottle.

Style: Think J. Crew and J. Crew Baby. Studios offer child care.

Physique 57


Physique 57 has attracted People Magazine’s who’s who of celebrities when the New York-based barre studio launched a Beverly Hills studio on North Canon in the heart of Beverly Hills. With locations on New York’s Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Spring Street, Scarsdale, and the Hamptons, Physique 57 is the fashionista meets hardcore fitness addict’s barre workout.

The West Coast outpost features two studios, a spa-like dressing room, and a collection of workout wear near the check-in desk that urge me to break out the credit card.

This barre-based workout combines intervals of cardio, strength training, stretching and recovery to build long, lean muscles. Physique 57 uses a process called Interval Overload, where muscles are overloaded to fatigue and then stretched, which torches a tremendous amount of calories during and after class. So feel free to treat yourself to a post-workout latte at nearby Nespresso!

Physique 57’s instructors, all professional dancers with training in anatomy and form, motivate and use client feedback to improve the method. Innovation is an integral part of the brand.

Physique 57: Beverly Hills.

Founded: 2006

Bring: Grip socks, a water bottle, and your credit card for all those cute workout clothes!

Style: Think Barney’s meets trendy workout boutique.

Pop Physique


Cardio Barre is to A Chorus Line as Pop Physique is to dancing… in a music video, made in L.A.

Pop Physique’s Pop Sculpt is a highly stylized, energetic, effective hour of calorie-blasting fun.  Professional ballet dancer and Pilates instructor Jennifer Williams has created a challenging barre workout inspired by, yup, Lotte Berk.

As its name suggests, Pop Physique is all about the play list. The studios sequence the mostly indie and electro music into story-like arcs. Each class is a performance or a work of art, with hundreds of playlists, featuring everything from a party soundtrack to cinematic orchestrations composed exclusively for Pop Physique.

Pop Physique is a hyper local brand. Each studio captures the spirit of the neighborhood, from the first studio in artsy Silverlake to the beachy vibe of the Santa Monica studio, to the urban vibe of the Hollywood location.

Pop Physique: Silverlake, Studio City, Westside, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Third and Fairfax, Brentwood, Woodland Hills, Redondo Beach.

Founded: 2008 (in the heart of Silverlake)

Bring: Pop Socks and one of those cool glass water bottles.

Style: Think American Apparel. Totally.

Pure Barre


Pure Barre studio co-owner and teacher Marni Rosenthal Chaikin is a powerhouse, an NYU-trained dancer and former Pilates teacher turned Barre teacher extraordinaire, who energizes and motivates classes in her Brentwood, Woodland Hills, and newly opened Santa Monica studios.

Pure Barre is a low-impact 55-minute mind/body class that works hips, thighs, arms and abs. The classes focus on sprint and recovery, bringing the heart rate up for six to ten minute intervals, the only way to burn fat. Pure Barre enthusiasts can practice five or six days a week because they don’t tear muscle fibers as it happens when lifting heavy weights.

Form and posture are key elements of Pure Barre. Classes are kept small so the instructor is able to walk around the room, providing hands-on corrections.

This is a class that flows. Nobody is checking the clock or thinking about errands or last night’s date. (Although after the class, you may be thinking of how good you’ll look in those new jeans you bought for tonight’s date!)

Pure Barre: Brentwood, Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks, Redondo Beach.

Founded: 2001

Bring: Grip socks and a water bottle.

Style: Think Lululemon meets Lorna Jane.

- By Beth Cone Kramer, Barre Addict


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