What am I? Chopped Liver?

Remember that onion and schmaltzy dish served alongside matzah crackers that your Grandma or Great-Grandma served? Certainly, chopped liver has its fans and detractors.
Even if you turned up your nose at the deli appetizer, chicken liver mousse, well-prepared, is an entirely different story. The best of its class is smooth, creamy, and lacks that metallic taste. A trio of LA restaurants have placed chicken liver mousse on the menu and it’s flying off the menu. In fact, at the Westside Tavern, westsiders make chicken liver mousse runs! This is good stuff.
Chicken Liver Mousse
Exec Chef Ben Cohn at Westside Tavern serves his velvety Jar of Chicken Liver Mousse accompanied by green apple chutney and grilled sourdough. We love how the apple chutney pairs with the mousse.
Chicken Liver Mousse (1)
Over at The Wallace, Culver City’s home of seasonally inspired California fare, Exec Chef Joel David Miller serves a Jarred Chicken Liver Mousse with Balsamic and Five Spice. Perfectly balanced and a perfect table share.
Cliffs Edge
At Silverlake’s Cliff’s Edge, the Chicken Liver Mousse is paired with a shallot and bacon jam, pickles, whole grain mustard. and fried waffle, sort of Parisian brasserie meets Old School?

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