5 Essential Boat Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Boating is no doubt one of many Americans’ favorite entertainment activities. In fact, there are about 12 million recreational boats that are registered in the United States.

Each of these boat owners must maintain their boats in order to keep them up and running. 

Regular maintenance will keep all systems working well and help prevent any breakdowns on the water. 

Keep reading to learn about five important boat maintenance tips today! 

1. Clean Exterior 

First and foremost, the boat’s exterior is one of the essential parts of regular maintenance. Throughout the summer, your boat will be exposed to water, salt, sun, and dirt. Therefore, it’s critical that you clean and dry the exterior to have a long lifespan. 

Boat cleaning should start at the beginning of the season by making sure it’s coated with wax and protectants. Wax will ensure all paint is protected from the sun and make cleaning easier overall. 

After each trip in the water, you must rinse and dry your boat to get any debris off. If you participate in saltwater activities, this is extremely crucial to prevent any rust from forming. 

2. Engine Maintenace 

The boat engine needs special care to ensure everything runs correctly and without fault. You can schedule regular servicing at a marine shop or do it yourself as a boat owner. Regardless of your choice, it must be done to keep your boat mechanically sound. 

Always keep your motor’s oil, fuel, and lubrication at healthy levels each time you run it. You’ll also need to check any unusual sounds or feels to avoid more significant problems in the long run. 

3. Boat Accessories 

Most boats have accessories that need maintenance as well. Always clean everything after use and shut down any electronics. This will prolong their lifespan and keep them working well. 

If you have any functional accessories like a trolling motor, you may need to service this regularly. In some instances, a trolling motor stabilizer could be added for improved performance. 

4. Batteries

Your boat’s batteries run all electronics and help power the motor. Therefore, you should always check your battery and replace them when necessary. Most batteries last for about three years, but it never hurts to replace them sooner if they begin acting unusual. 

5. Upholstery 

Your boat’s upholstery should be well maintained since the harsh sun will be beating down on it throughout your boating adventures. The sun can make colors fade and turn fabrics brittle over time. You can also buy boat upholstery protectant sprays to provide additional UV protection.

Always clean and cover the seats any chance you get. Remember, be vigilant against suntan lotions since they can stain the upholstery. 

Essential Boat Maintenance

Each of these boat maintenance tips should help you keep your vessel running smoothly. 

You’ll be out on the water and enjoying your summer in no time! 

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