9 Reasons You Need to Build Your Personal Brand in 2023

Personal branding empowers an individual’s specific preferences and quirks to the extent that they become recognizable. In a business setting, developing the personal brand of your company executives can be a valuable way to build credibility, boost thought leadership opportunities down the line, and even increase revenue. It can also help create a positive brand image. Keep reading to discover our top nine reasons why you might want to build your personal brand in 2023.

Characteristics You Need to Create a Personal Brand

First, you need to be authentic. You must be acting truthfully, as you would if people weren’t watching. It’s nearly impossible to maintain a personal brand that doesn’t come naturally.

Second, you must have defined values. Bonus points if they reflect the mission and values of your organization! Just like how company brands are built on a foundation of clearly outlined values, so too are personal brands. You always need to know the “why” behind your actions, which will help you stay true to yourself in difficult times.

Lastly, you must be perceived as trustworthy by those around you. If the people you work with don’t see you as someone they trust, strangers certainly won’t. Authenticity and clear values will help you build this trust, but you also need to exemplify this trust through your actions.

Why Do You Need To Focus On Personal Branding?

Developing a unique-to-you personal brand has many perks, both for business initiatives and in daily life. Here are our nine favorites.

1. Trust Is a Valuable Asset

The trust you build as you develop your personal brand can lead to better or more frequent partnerships, as well as increased speaking engagements. These, in turn, develop more trust! Trust is a cycle that is constantly fed by personal branding and vice versa. The value of trust should never be underestimated, especially in business, so it’s worth your time to invest in personal branding to begin this cycle.

2. Free Publicity for Your Business

While your personal brand is in the spotlight, you have the added bonus of publicity for your business, too! Your personal brand will likely be linked to the business in some way, whether it’s through your charitable giving initiatives or your shared set of values. Leverage this opportunity by mentioning the brand in interviews, op-eds, and speaking opportunities—but only when it’s natural to do so. If you come off as too sales-y, you risk undermining your credibility.

3. Gain the Attention of Potential Consumers

Due to technological advancement and digitalization, the market for most products and services has become quite saturated. Your personal brand as a company leader can help your organization stand out from the crowd and maybe even attract the attention of potential future customers. As you build your personal brand, be sure to layer in unique content that compliments your business goals. Personal anecdotes, get ready with me’s, and day in the life videos are relatable and may help new individuals to learn about your company.

4. Get More Investors

Investors do not invest blindly. Investing decisions require much forethought and research. People tend to invest in other people, not businesses, so a strong and well-defined personal brand can help you sell yourself, and thereby your product, to investors more easily.

5. Brand Awareness Improves

In this saturated market where competitors can easily copy you, adding more products is quite challenging. But when you build your personal brand authentically and extend yourself into the public eye, it becomes incredibly difficult for competitors to replicate your succes. That’s because, no matter how great their products, they don’t have one thing: you! Personal brand is an irreplicable product that can become a key differentiator for your business.

6. Consumers Will More Easily Remember You

Think about some of your strongest memories. It’s likely you remember the people you were with more than the exact circumstances you were in. The same goes for business. It might be difficult to remember yet another liquid blush or desk chair entering the market, but you’ll remember the TED Talk the beauty brand founder gave or the conference panel that the company executive spoke on. Putting a name and a face to the business helps people connect, humanizes the brand, and engrains them in consumers’ minds. 

7. Increased Audience Touchpoints

Personal branding gives executives, and thereby companies, another platform through which to interact and connect with audiences. Leaders with strong personal brands might develop followers on blogs or social media and can then engage with their followers and potential audiences in a low-pressure setting. They can also gather feedback.

8. Maintaining a Positive Brand Image Becomes Easier

Sometimes you get stuck in situations where your brand image gets tarnished—it happens to every brand at some point! Executives with strong personal brands on staff can help clarify misunderstandings and maintain a positive brand image when times are tough through their actions and statements. They essentially act as a publication through which PR teams can filter positive brand messaging and control the narrative, which is not always possible otherwise during a crisis.

9. Tell the Company Story in a Creative Way

You might want to build your personal brand to tell your story better. As a skilled storyteller, you can find authentic and creative ways to tell your company’s story, too! Executives with strong personal brands offer another opportunity to use excellent brand assets and to subliminally tell the brand’s story in an empathetic and real way.

Next Steps for Your Personal Brand

Personal branding can be a fun project, but it can also increase business revenue. If you are a high-ranking executive or business owner interested in building your personal brand, contact us to schedule a call today! 

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