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How To Find the Best Free Stuff Online

How To Find the Best Free Stuff Online

Did you know that the most popular category for a giveaway is travel? If the chance of winning a free holiday is enough to get you excited, we’ve got the lowdown on where to find free stuff online. Whether it’s an online competition or a straight-out giveaway with no strings attached, here’s a quick and easy guide on how to get free stuff online.

Companies That Give Away Free Products

Companies will often give out free samples so you can test their products and hopefully get hooked. This could be as simple as a sample size of your favorite perfume or a more impressive full-size version of the latest in tech. Sometimes to get free stuff you’ll have to complete a simple questionnaire or for the high-value items, you may be asked to share your experience with your friends.

For the ultimate in free stuff online, you can’t look past a free car. Competitions to win a car don’t come along very often but if you do spot one, make sure to enter for your chance at a top prize.


FreeCycle is a nonprofit that aims to make the most of the Earth’s resources. It does this by providing a platform to help its nine million members find new homes for unwanted stuff. This could be a new (to you) television, a game for your console, or a piece of preloved furniture. 

If there’s something you’re searching for that isn’t available on the site, you can ask for it in the “Wants” section. You can also create groups with your contacts for gifting and lending just amongst your friends. The best part is, it’s free to become a member so no matter what you manage to find, it won’t cost you a thing.

Facebook Groups

In the same vein, you can find groups on Facebook dedicated to people giving away stuff they no longer need. With zero-waste and no-buy movements on the rise, you can find groups on Facebook where neighbors offer up free items or services with no expectation to get anything back in return.

These groups may have some strict rules you’ll have to follow before you can ask for or receive anything. This could include only being a member of one group of this type to prevent taking advantage of the system. Another common rule is that you can only join a group based on your actual location, so no joining a group for the next neighborhood over.

Digital Files

While you might be focused on getting physical stuff, it’s much easier to find digital items for free. From free apps available on your phone’s app store to free ebooks found through Amazon or even your local library. There’s a whole world of digital content that’s available with a quick Google search.

Find More Free Stuff Online

Everyone loves getting something for nothing and finding free stuff online doesn’t have to be difficult. While we don’t offer free stuff online regularly, you can always find loads of free content here for your reading pleasure. Head to our Tech section for more hacks similar to finding free stuff online.

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