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Tips to do Paris on a Budget

Tips to do Paris on a Budget

 Everything about Paris speaks volumes about its elite nature. It’s one of those rich brats in your group of friends who are poised, well dressed, and smell of rich cologne. And, deep down you always wish you could trade your life with them. 

Paris is eloquent in its existence. It has a matchless beauty that beams with iconic landmarks. It’s a city that has been luring people in since ages. Just a glimpse of Paris is enough to make people fall in love with it. However, not everyone can follow their dream of seeing Paris. And, much of it can be attributed to its pricey nature. Paris can be really hard on your wallet. It often finds a place for itself in the list of the “richest cities in the world.” And, this can be scary for those with a meagre budget. Disheartening, it is! Truth be told, there are ways to see Paris on the cheap. And no, I am not kidding! All you have to be is whip-smart to make that happen. And, to begin with, you have to do away with your fancy habits like traveling by business class flights. That, and few other tips and tricks here and there, and Paris won’t be a far-fetched dream anymore. So, be with me through the blog and learn the tips to do Paris on a budget.       

Time your travel

Alright, Paris is one city that has a wave of tourists coming in throughout the year. But, there are still some periods of time each year where Paris receives a comparatively lesser footfall of tourists. Therefore, rule out summer from your plan to visit the French capital. Summer witnesses a large number of tourists making their way to Paris. Pick autumn or winter, I suggest. Paris’s beauty during these seasons is incomprehensibly beguiling. Plus, you can avoid bumping in to the annoying touristy crowds. And, less tourists means a less expensive Paris.  

Ditch staying in a hotel

Oh, I would have loved to stay in a hotel with the view of the Eiffel Tower only if my wallet could permit it. However, that was not the case. But, do not let this be a bummer. When thinking of doing Paris on a budget, you’ve got to stay in a hostel. Well, they fall on the cheaper side. And, provide all the essential services and amenities that are needed to make your stay a comfortable one, if not the most luxurious. However, a new wave of trend has taken over. People, today, choose apartments instead, where they can pay rent and stay as guests for days or weeks.

This becomes even cheaper considering you can cook your own meals and share the expense with your fellow travelers.  

Pick your area of stay

Like I said, taking an apartment on rent can be a cheaper means of staying in Paris. But, not when you pick out an area which is pricey. Yes, there are areas in Paris which can be exorbitantly expensive. And, you need to filter out those in the beginning itself. Because, the glitz and glamor of these fancy neighborhoods can lure you in to staying in them. However, when reality sets in, in the form of the bills you need to pay, you’d end up in a state of daze. So, avoid those expensive lot right away. Search for a stay in the offbeat places, away from the tourist buzz and you will end up saving a huge chunk of your hard earned money.

Get yourself a pass

This may seem like an upfront investment. But trust me, it’s going to be a wise decision. Buy yourself passes for tourist attractions and save money as you explore the world famed museums and iconic art galleries. The pass covers the entry fee for almost all those eminent attractions you had been dying to see. And what better way to save money than to keep yourself from paying individually at each attraction, which ends up utilizing a huge sum from your travel budget. 

Eating out

 Paris is all about haute cuisine. It’s about fine dining. And that, for sure, ain’t no giveaway. Eating out in a restaurant can really prick a hole in your pocket. But, that doesn’t mean you have to starve or live on junk food. You’ve just got to pick the right establishment to treat your palate to the heavenly taste of Paris’s food. How? Skip the restaurants that are located close to the popular tourist sites, or those that are at busy streets or market places. And probably, after you’re done cutting down on your expenses on eating out, on the last day, you could treat yourself to a meal at one of those high-end restaurants you’ve heard about. And, take that savory taste with you to your homeland.

Start your search for last minute flight deals now that you know Paris is not that expensive after all.

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