4 Benefits of Having A Private Label Skin Care Line

Whether you’re just getting started in the business or you’ve owned your own brand for a while, it’s always a good idea to be thinking forward. Evolving with trends and services will always be a priority for spas, salons, estheticians and massage therapists. To be forward-thinking in terms of profits and margins, you can always add your own private label skin care line to your brand. Here are some of the benefits:

Higher Profit Margins

When you sell someone else’s products, they usually give you a price cap, so you can only make a certain amount of profit from each sale. And if you decide to have a sale of any kind, you’ll almost certainly lose money. While every little bit of extra profit counts, you can make that much and more with your own line. You choose the price, you determine your margins. With Onoxa, you can determine what products to sell and how many to order, so you don’t get stuck with products you know your clients won’t purchase. You know your clients and customers best, so you can choose what kind of products to sell, whether that’s a renewal line or a refresh line. 

Personal Brand Enhancement

With your own skin care line, you can add credibility and brand support. With Onoxa’s ordering process, you can create your own branding and graphic labels for your products. Every time one of your clients uses one of your products, they’ll see your label and think of your business. You can match the color, font, logo and everything to make your business cohesive. If you’re not sure what kind of label you want, or you’re just getting started with your business, there is a team of experienced, professional designers ready to help you with the design process. There’s even some education and reasoning that goes into picking colors and designing a label, based on your desired outcome and feel.

Low Minimums

Depending on the products and the brand, you might be told to make an order at all, you have to order a certain amount, even though it could take you a while to sell through that inventory.  Many businesses get into trouble with high minimums. For a smaller size business, high order minimums can be devastating, especially if the business is relatively new. Having a private label skin care brand that respects your business is pivotal. With low order minimums, Onoxa allows you to set the speed you need to get started and keep your inventory consistent. You can always order more, day or night.

No manufacturers

If you decide a private label skin care element is a good idea for your business, choose a supplier that cuts out the manufacturers. Onoxa works with manufacturers for you, so you can just order high-quality products and continue providing excellent services to your clients. You can rest assured you’re already getting the best Combined with low minimum orders, this is a more cost-efficient option, compared to working with a manufacturer individually.

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