League of Legends Snowdown Showdown – Everything You Need to Know!

Seasonal events have become a staple of League of Legends. Alongside special events to celebrate the likes of Valentine’s Day and Halloween, Summoner’s Rift regularly enjoys a festive makeover during the Christmas period. Since 2009, Snowdown Showdown has gone all out during the holiday period. As well as seasonal skin updates, LoL fans have been able to enjoy festive-inspired runes and in-game consumables. What’s more, the game map itself is reimagined as a wintry wonderland. 

When will Snowdown Showdown 2022 Start? 

Currently, Riot Games haven’t announced a start date for Snowdown Showdown 2022. However, previous events have tended to begin no later than the first week of December, before wrapping up during the first week of January. Expect a similar window for Snowdown Showdown this year. It’s worth pointing out that Snowdown Showdown events aren’t always guaranteed. In 2014, a skins event called Sugar Rush was released. In 2018, Battle Queens took the place of Snowdown Showdown. 

Festive Features to Watch Out For 

Snowdown Showdown is a little different every year. However, many fan-favorite features continue to be a mainstay of the festive event. Holiday runes are almost guaranteed, while minions receive a festive makeover. Some summoner icons are also reimagined with festive designs, while players can access chromas to personalize champions and skins. For many LoL players, it’s the Snowdown Showdown legacy skins that are the real standout of this event. 

As well as visual upgrades, Snowdown Showdown brings with it several special game modes for players to enjoy. The eponymous Snowdown Showdown allows players to enjoy 1v1 or 2v2 competitions. These match-ups are a little more fierce than your standard match, with players forced to think quickly and make breakneck decisions. This game mode was previously available to play throughout the year but received relatively little engagement from the wider gaming community. Nonetheless, it remains a favorite with some LoL fans, making this a highlight of the Snowdown Showdown season. 

Best Snowdown Showdown Skins of All Time 

League of Legends never disappoints when it comes to seasonal skins. For fans of the Christmas period, Snowdown Showdown has produced some absolute classics. In 2018, Riot Games released Ice King Twitch, which put a fiercely festive twist on a standout LoL champion. With incredible new animations and a beautifully realized design, this skin upgrade would have been well received regardless of the time of year. 

Riot Games have also released plenty of playful skins to celebrate the holiday season. A case in point is Jinx’s Ambitious Elf skin. Jinx now rides into battle atop an old-fashioned toy train. Meanwhile, her Fishbones weapon is reimagined as a murderous gift box. It’s the perfect twist on a fan favorite and a go-to skin for anyone who’s looking to bring some festive cheer to their LoL gameplay. 

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