3 Easy Ways to Record Better Quality Videos on a Trip

Are you going on a trip someplace exciting and are hoping to record lots of great videos while you’re there? If you’ve tried to record videos while traveling in the past you’ll probably know that it is easier said than done to capture high quality videos.

At the end of the day all you really need is to focus on the right areas however. In fact there are a few easy ways that you can start to record much better quality videos on a trip – regardless of how experienced or inexperienced you may be.

Watch the Light

When it comes to video quality, light is one of the most important factors. In fact it is so important that you need to watch the light and make sure it ticks several boxes:

  • Make sure there is plenty of light so that the video doesn’t look grainy or out of focus.
  • Check that no light source is present in the video frame or the rest of the video will look washed out.
  • Try to record in soft light that is diffused and spread evenly over the subject so that it doesn’t cause too many hard shadows.

Admittedly you won’t have much control over the lighting when you’re outdoors on a trip, but it is important to keep the factors listed above in mind to find the best light possible. On top of that you should try recording during the golden hour right after dawn or right before sunset – as the lighting conditions are best at that time.

Find Ways to Keep the Camera Steady

While recording you should make sure the camera is kept steady. A good place to start is by holding it using both your hands and locking your elbows near your sides for support.

In some cases holding the camera just won’t cut it however, and you’ll still find the video footage that you record is slightly shaky and blurry at some points. That is why if possible you should find other ways to keep it steady – such as by using a tripod stand, or propping it up against a level surface.

If you want you could look into camera holders that are popular options for action cameras in particular – but their effectiveness can vary.

Record at a High Frame Rate

Although the resolution of your video is important, the frame rate tends to have a greater impact on travel videos that normally contain lots of movement. Simply put a high frame rate will make your video look smoother and clearer – so you should increase it as high as 60 if possible.

For some cameras you may have to decide to drop the resolution down a notch in order to record at high frame rates. That is a judgment call, and in most cases it is well worth it – but you could experiment and decide for yourself.

Final Words

If you follow the approach prescribed above, you should immediately see a marked improvement in the quality of the videos that you’re able to capture. Any further shortcomings should be small enough that they can be tidied up during post-processing, and for example you could use Movavi Video Editor to rotate and level your video via the steps at https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-rotate-video.html.

As you record videos more frequently and acquire more experience, you’ll find that it is easier to find the best light – even in challenging conditions. In short practice really does make perfect when you’re recording videos, and you can use the tips listed above as a foundation and subsequently start to hone your skills further. If you need to shoot video for a lookbook on Instagram, your other option might be to hire an influencer photographer to take the stress out of shooting it yourself.

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