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Top five experiences in Africa to have before you die

Top five experiences in Africa to have before you die

Second in size to only Asia, Africa is a continent brimming with life-altering experiences. If you are looking for ones to build a trip around, we’ve outlined five amazing ideas below that will give you memories you’ll look back on fondly years into the future.

Go on a gorilla safari in Uganda

Africa is a continent home to many species of endemic wildlife not found anywhere else in the world. However, few are quite as special as the mountain gorilla. Not only are they one of the closest species genetically to human beings, but there are also little more than a thousand left in the wild.

These populations are scattered amidst the mountains of Rwanda and Uganda, but if you are looking for a more refined gorilla tracking experience, we recommend the latter destination. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the biggest destination, as its dramatic peaks, lakes, and comfortable luxury lodges will give you a more comprehensive holiday experience.     

Spend a week in Cape Town

As much as this continent is known for its landscapes and wildlife, it is also home to cities that are worth seeing. In our mind, Cape Town is a world-class city that should be experienced by anyone paying a visit to South Africa.

For starters, it is situated in the middle of this nation’s award-winning wine country. Scores of vineyards can be easily visited within an easy day trip of Cape Town. In the urban core, places like the Old Biscuit Mill and the V&A Waterfront offer plenty of amazing shopping opportunities.

Along the coast, beaches like Camp’s Bay are perfect for surfers and to soak up the sun whilst enjoying a crisp, cold beer. None of this addresses the major attractions in Cape Town – Table Mountain, Robben Island, and tours that visit local townships are all musts for those visiting this city.     

Take a swim in Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a can’t miss destination for those doing an extended tour of Africa. However, we recommend you plan your visit during August and January, as it is during this time where you can do something that is truly bucket list worthy (and just a little bit terrifying).

During these months, the flow over the falls drops enough to make the current in Devil’s Pool negligible, allowing for safe access. A ledge before the falls adds to the safety of this ‘dangerous’ pool – as long as you are accompanied by licensed guides, it will be a fun experience that will shock and amaze family and friends back home.  

Recline on the beach on Mauritius

Slowly but surely, Africa is becoming a popular place for beach holidays among the adventurous. From The Gambia to Zanzibar, there are many exotic destinations on the continent that get a fraction of the tourist traffic that similar places in Asia and the Mediterranean experience.

However, few of them are as developed and beautiful as the island of Mauritius. Ringed by white sand beaches and possessing an intoxicating culture that is a mix of Indian, Chinese, and African influences, your holiday here will be a relaxing and stimulating one.   

See the Big Five in Masai Mara

We couldn’t end this article without talking about what everyone associates with Africa – the Big Five mammals that call this continent home. If you are looking for the best place to go on safari to see lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffaloes, the Masai Mara region in Kenya is where you’ll want to go.

Time your visit between July and October, as the Great Migration – which involves zebras, gazelles, and wildebeests – takes place during this time.

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