5 Engagement-Worthy Instagram Post Ideas

Share an amazing story, shine bright with a great photo, promote something, or simply amuse your IG audience. Get inspired with these Instagram post ideas.

With over one billion active users across the world, Instagram is still the hottest social media platform out there. 

But, whether you’re looking to boost your brand with Instagram marketing or share a post that resonates with your followers, the constant flow of images can make it difficult to stand out in the Insta crowd. 

Luckily, we’re here with some winning Instagram post ideas to get your creativity flowing and your followers double-tapping!

1. Inform Your Audience

No matter your industry, Instagram aesthetic, or amount of followers, you have knowledge or expertise to offer your audience. And, sharing informative Instagram content is one of the best ways to build engagement. Think about some of the questions you often get and try responding to them with valuable content such as an infographic, book recommendations, photography tips, or styling advice. 

2. Dare to Dump

Photo dumps are one of the most popular types of Instagram posts right now. Not only do these series of images give off a casual and authentic vibe, but photo dumps also allow you to share images that likely wouldn’t make the cut alone. Popular photo dumps combine a mix of people, scenery, BTS moments, and humor to create a kind of Insta scrapbook effect. 

3. Before and After 

One way to grab people’s attention when you post on Instagram is to reveal the results of a transformation. Get people interested in your interior design service by showing a trendy townhouse that was once a ramshackle old building. Or how you fixed a disastrous DIY haircut with your scissor skills. Remember, though, carousel posts make all images square so you might need to use a photo resizer to avoid badly cut images or change the orientation. 

4. Get Reels 

If photo dumps are the Instagram post equivalent of a digital diary, Reels are more like movie trailers. Aspirational images reign supreme on Reels, making this format perfect for showing off luxury products and experiences. Although, you will need to choose a backing track that combines well with the theme of the visuals for a winning effect. 

5. Explore Natural Beauty

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s the value of spending time outdoors in nature. But, while shots of mountains, beaches, and sunsets are always popular, adding a human element is what really gets the likes and shares. What’s more, IG posts featuring a solitary person exploring areas of natural beauty remind us of the expansiveness of nature in a way that’s guaranteed to make your followers stop and think mid-scroll. 

Instagram Post Ideas to Boost Your Engagement 

All out of Instagram post ideas? That shouldn’t be a problem anymore with these creative concepts to inspire you! 

From sharing aspirational content via Reels to keeping it real with a photo dump, these are some of the most popular ways to resonate with followers and boost your Instagram engagement levels. 

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