4 Exciting Things You Can Do In Thailand

Thailand offers a plethora of stunning and picturesque locales for travel enthusiasts. Whether it is snorkeling at a beach, trying out the seafood or hiking on a hilly trail at the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand has much to offer. If you are wondering how you could make your upcoming family road trip to Thailand more entertaining and memorable, then consider the fun things I have highlighted below. These will surely take the traveling adventure up a notch. 

Check Out The Grand Palace

First off, visit the Grand Palace in Thailand. This is a must-see for its spectacular architecture and cultural heritage. The structure has been the Royal court, the administrative seat of government and residence of the Thai King for almost 150 years. Constructed in 1782, the place continues to serve as a top tourist destination attracting millions across the globe. See the ruminants of the state departments, the mint and the Thai war ministry within the walls and revel in its mystically beautiful craftsmanship.

Travel To Phang Nga Bay

In the Phang Nga Province, north of Phuket lies the most famous landmark in Thailand, the Phang Nga Bay. It is just like the Vietnamese Ha Long Bay. The emerald aqua waters, the pristine beach coastline, the limestone cliffs and stunning vegetation around the place make it an ideal spot to spend a nice sunny day exploring the pretty sights like James Bond Island and Koh Pannyi with your family. Do not miss out on the exotic boat rides from the northern end of Phuket. I suggest you takea plane to this brilliant place or book a ticket for a party bus. If you are traveling by car, be careful not to over speed on these routes, should you have to settle for a personal injury claim through the best personal injury lawyer.

Explore The Similan Islands

Situated in the Phang Nga Province to the West of Khao Lak, the Similan Island presents a mesmerizing range of rocks and 9 Core islands, officially termed Marine National Park in 1982. The place is replete with natural beauty, artistic wonders and wildlife habitations. You will love exploring tropical fish, turquoise plantation, colorful coral and aquatic species as soon as you get off your boat ride from Phuket or Phang-Nga. 

Take A Ride To The Floating Markets

Bangkok is known for its amazing floating markets featuring a nice array of exciting stalls and booths. They offer delish gourmet items, popular local delicacies, groceries, decor items, and memorabilia. Take a guided boat tour of Taling Chan Market, Bang Ku Wiang Market, Damnoen Saduak market, Tha Kha or the Damnoen Saduak market. These include huge floating boats loaded with goods like fruits, vegetables; ready-to-drink coconut juice; delicious meals cooked straight out of floating kitchens; and diners present on the ships. Quench your appetite with these luscious items and relish in the fun Bangkok has to offer.

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