5 Most Common Modifications for a Yamaha Motorcycle

When you take a spanking new Yamaha motorcycle from the showroom, most of the time, you will find that it does not suit your riding style at all. That is why even a beginner bike enthusiast should know a few things about bike modifications. You need the bike to handle right, ride right, look and sound just right. All of this is possible if you go with lots of Yamaha motorcycle accessories at your disposal. 

Here are 5 common modifications for a Yamaha bike:

Give Your Bike A New Sound

This modification is costly, but when you hear the rumble of sound, you will agree that it is money well spent. A new aftermarket exhaust system can give your bike just the roar that you need. This sound can easily become your bike’s signature. Installing an aftermarket exhaust system is quite easy, and you can do it on your own. Do not limit yourself when shopping for one as there are hundreds of exhaust systems for Yamaha motorcycles. 

Add Slider Frames And Engine Guard

Engine guard

The engine guard is a steel bar that is installed just under the engine. Should the unthinkable happen and your front wheel comes off or goes flat, the engine will not hit the ground. The protective steel bar will be between the ground and the engine. Adding some OEM motorcycle fairings can make a real difference. 

Frame sliders

Frame sliders are for protection. You may require professional assistance to install them if you are not very handy with your hands. However, they do a good job of protecting the frame and some fairings from touching the ground. Sometimes when you ride off-road, there is risk of denting your frame on rocks and stumps. This is why you need plastic or metal sliders to protect the bike frame. 

Fender Eliminator

Starting with $50, you can get a fender eliminator kit for your Yamaha. These are easy to buy on any online marketplaces. However, price mostly depends on features and the type of bike. The eliminator kit is bolted to minimize plate vibration when you are riding at high speed. 

This kit will also come with mountings on which you can install aftermarket turn indicators. By the way, if you love your bike, you will also want to do away with the stock turn signals, as they are so bland. 


Stock suspension is most likely not made for your weight or height. It is made to appeal to you so that you take the bike out of the showroom. After that, you are on your own. Enhance the suspension to improve handling and comfort of your Fz-09. When tweaking your bike’s suspension, take account of your weight, height and ride needs. This could be sport performance or just city-bike comfort. 

Use Aftermarket Air Filters

Change the exhaust system and the air filters. Aftermarket air filters increase airflow to the engine, ensuring the bike burns more fuel. This gives more power. They also filter better as compared to their stock counterparts, ensuring minimal to no impurities getting in the engine.  

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