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How To Get Started Writing For Extra Money And Turn It Into A Career

How To Get Started Writing For Extra Money And Turn It Into A Career

Writing skills can be very valuable in today’s world where people are constantly consuming content on their mobile devices. Companies are willing to pay writers that can engage with readers on behalf of their brand. Writing is like any other art form in the sense that the more of it that you do, the better you will become. Everyone has to start somewhere so take time daily to write something for around an hour. You will find that your writing improves over time when you look back to months earlier. The top writers that combine quality with speed can make a great living without ever having to leave home. The following are ways to get started making money writing and possibly turning it into a career. 

Join A Blogger Community

Joining a blogger community in order to get feedback on your writing can be valuable. This can also allow you to have ads on a blog you have that will generate income passively. The Mom Prepares Community is a great example of a quality community that hosts content that is both informative and entertaining. Reaching out to websites in order to publish work on their site can be a good way to build a portfolio. Sending over a few links of published articles to a potential client shows that not only is your work quality but publications think it will be of value to their readers. 

Find A Content Creation Company

There are plenty of marketing companies that specialize in content creation that they generate by using quality freelancers. You will most likely have to do a test piece for this company or pass some other kind of test. These types of companies pay at higher rates as they expect higher quality work. For those writers that can really knock out quality articles rapidly this can be an incredible opportunity to earn. Writers that produce quality content and hit deadlines will get priority which usually means as much work as they can handle. 

Use LinkedIn To Target New Customers

LinkedIn can be a great place to find opportunities to write as those in the marketing community need writers frequently. Reach out to a few people offering content services and offer your services to expand their bandwidth. Once you have enough customers you can start sourcing out work and taking a cut of the profit for yourself. The one thing you have to make sure of is that you do not lower the quality of work delivered by letting others write for you. 

Freelancer Platforms Can Be Extremely Profitable For High Quality Writers

Freelancer platforms like that of Upwork are perfect for those freelance writers just starting out. A lot of times it can be difficult to find writing work or clients but platforms like this connect clients with freelancers. You apply for projects and even are invited to interview for others if your profile has skills that match up with what a company needs. This also makes sure that you are paid for the work that you do as sometimes companies try to take advantage of freelancers. Take the appropriate tests and continually apply for writing jobs as this can keep you with a full schedule of writing indefinitely.

Freelance writing can offer an incredible sense of freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Use it to earn extra money and possibly for a career change!

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