Rooftop Camping vs. Camping on the Ground – Rooftop Wins

Camping is a staple part of any nature/outdoor lover’s ideal getaway trip. With the growing popularity and the relatively safe, family friendly experience the activity offers, more and more people choose to include camping in their family trips or vacations. 

Deciding on taking a camping trip might seem like the easiest spur of the moment decision to make, but there are actually important questions and decisions you must first fully cover before setting off to ensure you have a smooth, accident free camping experience. 

The first would of course be deciding on the location you would prefer to pitch your tent. And that would lead you to another important question; roof top or ground tent? 

A roof top tent is basically fitted to act as a house atop your vehicle. Check out this sample rooftop tent for sale. The accessory is made to fit to the roof of a vehicle, allowing the campers a secure, safe and comfortable space to sleep right above their own vehicle. To get the full image of a roof top tent, one needs to simply picture a tent atop a car; this offers so much convenience, with your vehicle beneath you and house above your head. Very much like the life of a turtle. 

Pros of a Roof Top Tent 

Easier Set up 

Here, a jeep roof top tent is preferable in that it offers campers more ease in the area of setting up. A roof top tent is generally made ready to be slept on as soon as it is unfolded, while most ground tents will still require setting up sleeping pads after the tent has been pitched. Some roof top tents will require more strenuous physical effort though, mostly depending on the height or largeness of the vehicle they are being mounted on. 

Available Site

A roof top tent may be the best selection for every camper for this benefit alone; selecting a camping spot with a roof top tent does not require as much work or though as might go into selecting a site for a ground tent. Basically, all you need to look out for when choosing a camping site is a spot with level ground for parking your vehicle. Pitching a ground tent would require campers to look for terrain that is not muddy, rocky or vegetated, and this might cross out a lot of their preferred camping sites. 


Although adrenaline junkies and nature lovers might prefer camping for the unexpectedness it offers, other campers may not be too fond of the crawly insects and slithering animals the experience could present. Here, they would be pleased to hear that roof top tents eliminate the possibilities of having an encounter with unwanted wildlife by a long margin. Ground tents are exactly as their name Implies, pithed on the ground, in as close proximity to all insects and bugs living in the ground. Added to that is the sense of security that sleeping high off the ground presents. It definitely adds to the fun experience, and even without wild animals in the area you are camping in, it is an added comfort to know you are sleeping that high up, with the stunning views it offers. If you want to go camping in remote places, having one of the best winches can help you get your vehicle out of a sticky situation. 

Although there is really no perfect set up that suits every person’s tastes and convenience while camping, the roof top tent sure does more than enough justice to some of the most pressing, basic needs campers have. Mostly, it depends on which categories are most important to each camper, but I will say that roof top tents sound like the better option for a wonderful camping experience. 

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