The Best Canned Wine Spritzers to Drink

2018 has certainly been the year for the rise of wine spritzers in a can. Walking through the grocery store it’s difficult not to reach out and inspect these alcoholic beverages, since the packaging is just so colorful, girly and downright Instagrammable. Plus, they’re PERFECT for the beach or anywhere where you can’t be consuming alcohol out of a glass.

So what are the best canned wine spritzers of this year? Here we take a look at the top four:

Little Fancy Spritzer

Little Fancy Spritzer is a newcomer this year, offering spritzers made from naturally flavored sparkling water and carefully selected wines. The flagship flavor, Peachy Rosé, features a crisp blend of sparkling, natural peach and dry California rosé. Little Fancy Spritzer also has two other flavors coming soon, Sauv Blanc Grapefruit and Pinot Pear.

Pampelonne​ Sparkling Wine Spritzer

Pampelonne Sparkling Wine Spritzers contain a French sparkling rosé and come in several unique flavors including Rosé Lime, Watermelon Americano and Blood Orange. The brand is inspired by famous St.Tropez beach with the same name and the flavors are all based on old-world cocktails with a modern twist.


Ramona is a Sicilian ruby grapefruit wine spritzer founded by Jordan Salcito, one of the country’s top sommeliers, who was inspired by spritzers and wine coolers of the 1980s. If you’re health conscious, you can be assured the drink is vegan, organic, all-natural and gluten free.

Barefoot Canned Spritzer

Barefoot may be more traditionally known for their wines but now they’ve also ventured into creating spritzers, coming up with a range of flavors including Red Sangria, Crisp White, Moscato, Summer Red and Rosé.

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