5 Significant Things to Carry Out In Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Many people have good intentions and want to do something when pink October comes. They passionately work & search how they could help them to cure cancer. Women are dying every year with this fatal disease; many are still fighting.

Successful efforts have been made to raise awareness among people of America from the last 40 years. In result now a child of six years old are aware of breast cancer.

As many women are diagnosing with breast cancer every day, most of them are in the early stages, and some are having advanced breast cancer. Now with distributing pink ribbons and wearing pink t-shirts, we need to remind women to get a complete check-up every month.

Still, it doesn’t mean that it’s enough. You can look for useful, actionable things that can be done in cancer awareness month.

There are many ways to help them. Here are a few useful ideas:

Focus On Support Not Only Awareness

Prevailing awareness is not only the way to celebrate this month.

Support in mandatory:

Yes, support is something which could do wonders.

 You can support people in many ways:

  • Makeup classes
  • Wigs
  • Exercise classes
  • Support love letters
  • Partial/Full payment of treatment

Additionally, we know many women underwent breast surgeries, in which they lost the breast. It severely affects women self-esteem and confidence. Breast augmentations in NYC can help you in an implant of a breast; it can be excellent support for cancer patients. 

Donate Your Belongings to a Chemo Center

You can bring happiness to cancer patients even without talking to them.

In every town or city, there are chemo centers which receive blankets, clothes, hats, scarves wigs and many more things for cancer patients. For keeping privacy, you may not talk to them directly.

You may contact the staff at the front desk if they accept your belongings.

Make Them Feel Special; They Re’ Still Remembered

Write cards for them, drop them at chemo centers. 

Spend holidays with them, make them realize they are not along, they are not forgotten, and they are still remembered and missed by everyone.

You can help them in fighting with the most frightening time of their life.

Listen To Them Closely

Build the trust level with cancer patients so they can open up with you to share the sorrow, grief, and pain.  Talk to them as their friends, colleagues and family members.

Cancer can make them isolated, but you can be the one who re-build confidence among them that they are not alone.

Awareness Can Be Raised From Home

  If it’s not feasible for you to access chemo centers or visit hospitals, don’t be worried.

Social media is the best platform, share information on social media.

Send messages to your friends and family members to raise awareness of breast cancer. 

Send them e-cards with pink ribbons.

Donate To Cancer Research Centers  

Research has become a critical need of time. Around the world, metastatic breast cancer receives little funding, with knowing the fact that it is kind of breast cancer which causes death even at an early stage. 

When you think of charity, give some to these research centers. 

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