How to Stay Stress-Free During Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy is just one of those things that is as amazingly wonderful as it is painfully stressful. From knowing that you have a little baby growing inside of you who you will soon meet and raise to adulthood, to knowing that you have a little baby growing inside of you who you will soon meet and raise to adulthood, the line between complete calm and full-blown stress cross several times a day.

Pregnancy also brings about additional stressors. There are the immediate ones like morning sickness, the ever-expanding size of your waistline and corresponding wardrobe changes that put a dent in your bank account. Then there is the seemingly endless list of things to buy for your baby, and trying to differentiate between what is actually necessary and not-so-much. And of course, the constant opinions — mostly unsolicited — that come your way on how to parent your child. 

It all can quickly become so overwhelming even in the early stages of pregnancy. And while we can’t eliminate all the stresses, here are some tips on how to stay relatively stress-free during early pregnancy so you can enjoy this most wonderful time of life to the fullest.

1. Exercise daily

Whether it’s going for a run, swim, walk or practicing yoga, getting physical exercise daily can relieve stress, if not just for the simple fact that it is keeping your body healthy. And while pregnancy isn’t a time to start a new exercise regimen, it is a great time to continue what you’ve started at a level that is comfortable for you.

2. Meditate daily

Along with exercise, another great way to relax and relieve some stress is to meditate. Meditation can come in many forms from sitting quietly in a certain pose, to simply finding a place of solitude where you can zone out. Meditation is not about thinking about your stresses, but coming to a place of mindfulness where you are in the moment, fully present with yourself and your surroundings.

3. Ask advice from trusted family members and friends 

It is reassuring to get advice from individuals who have been where you currently are. It makes you feel less alone, giving that much-needed support system. Even so, the best place to get answers and support is from trusted family members and friends, and not from social media. It is close family and friends who will listen to your concerns, and who have your best interest at heart. It is they who will lend support an most likely steer you in a positive direction during this trying time. Using social media to find help will only blow up your phone and leave you feeling more stressed. 

4. Research items moms really need

Asking for recommendations on products you will need as a new mom is a great start, but it is also a good idea to research the products themselves. Read reviews and specs on cribs, car seats and strollers to ensure the quality and in turn safety of your baby. Research best baby carriers so you can get one that will not only provide comfort and safety for your baby but for you as well. 

After all, there is plenty of time to stress over things in this life — like when your child becomes a rambunctious toddler, adventurous big kid or rebellious teenager. Save the stress for later, and let these good times roll on as you carry that bundle as close as you possibly can. 

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