Best Places to Celebrate Halloween

October is already here and we are just days away from getting a spooky knock of Halloween on the door. It is that time of the year when you may legit invite fear or enjoy having a spine-chilling experience. If you are someone who loves to have a blast during this festival, then take a look at these best places to celebrate Halloween. Plan a Trip to any of these destinations that are ready to give you goosebumps. 

  1. Ireland

Let us pop your bubble of belief that Halloween originated in America. It is Ireland, where the eerie festival was first celebrated. With that, Ireland is undoubtedly one of the coolest places to celebrate Halloween. It is locally known as Samhain Night and is linked to the dead coming back to the mortal world. From spooky carnivals to large communal bonfires, from haunted house tours to ghost story-telling, there are celebrations galore in Ireland. Head towards the Derry City in Ireland for some extra fun.   

  1. Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Known as ‘the witch city’, there can be no better place in the USA than Salem in Massachusetts to make the most of Halloween. The festival kicks off with a grand parade early October and continues with psychic fairs, costume balls, carnival rides, haunted tours to infamous spots, and much more, right until the end. Not to miss is a visit to the Witch House Museum which is directly linked to the city getting its infamous nickname. 

  1. Mexico

Many may say, Mexico doesn’t celebrate Halloween. Well yes, but they celebrate Day of the Dead on 1st and 2nd of November, which is quite similar to Halloween celebrations. The two-day long festival called Día de Los Muertos in Spanish sees folk dances, chanting and singing, and night-time processions. Merida, Janitzio Island, and Riviera Maya are a few of the places best to celebrate Day of the Dead.   

  1. London, England

Of all the destinations in Europe, there is simply no match when it comes to celebrating Halloween in London. From hunting ghosts in dungeons to touring the London cemeteries, this city will send shivers down your spine during the spooky festival. The best places where you may indulge in a number of uncanny activities include Hampton Court Palace, London Tower, Kensington Palace. 

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Voodoo music festivals, spooky costume parades, and graveyard tours; now who wouldn’t want to have a blast in New Orleans during Halloween with all that in store. New Orleans in Louisiana is wrapped in the air of mystery during the eerie festival which makes it one of the right places to celebrate Halloween. Watch out all your sides when you visit the Scout Island Scream Park, for you may never know when a zombie would attack you. 

  1. Hong Kong

It would be unjust to not mention Hong Kong as it boasts to be the best place to celebrate Halloween in Asia. Celebrating the festival in two different traditional ways, Hong Kong doubles the fun in numerous ways. While the first traditional way, called ‘festival of the hungry ghosts’ focuses more on giving gifts to the spirit of the dead, the other traditional way sticks to mimicking the worldwide famous celebrations. 

  1. Ney York City, New York, USA

Halloween in New York City is not just a festival, it is a much grand affair. Hosting the largest Halloween parade in the world, this city calls one and all to get spooked out of their minds. With a carved, scary-looking pumpkin placed outside every house, NYC simply adorns the terrifying look. From blood-curdling tours of haunted houses to projecting horror films in open-air theaters, New York does it all with style.

Using a trip planner, plan to visit any of these top places in the world and celebrate the best of Halloween. 

  1. Romania

What better place to spend your Halloween than in the land home of vampires? According to Bram Stoker’s famous novel, Dracula lived in Transylvania in a medieval castle perched on a cliff and surrounded by dense forests and high mountains. Bran Castle, also known as Dracula Castle, organizes themed and costumed parties during Halloween with decorations and lights inside the castle that create an atmosphere like nothing you’ve experienced before! Go on a Dracula castle tour to visit this impressive place or plan your trip to Romania in October for an unforgettable experience! 

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