Saving Money for Christmas – How To Fund Your Festive Celebrations

With Christmas looming in on the (not too distant) horizon, now really is a prudent time to turn your thoughts to how you can save money for the festive season. While some may suggest that this is a little too 11th hour, you can always remind them that we haven’t even endured Halloween just yet; and that unlike these annoying organised types that we all have within our friends circle, we didn’t do our Christmas shopping in last season’s January sales. Probably something to do with the underlying fact that we were still nursing the mother of all New Year hangovers.

But this is by the by. Or should that be, buy the buy? As it’s NEVER too late to pre-plan Christmas and save the required amount ahead of Yuletide. Trust us on this, as we’ve been there, done that and own the novelty Christmas jumpers (if not the appropriate and more tasteful tee-shirt) to prove it. Away from the more traditional worlds of Christmas hamper companies which have been going since the year dot (and joking apart, are a fantastic way in which to pre-save monies for late December each year), there are some less Dickensian and more contemporary ways to fund the impending celebrations.

Take Out a Small Personal Loan

One of the best ideas is to arrange a small loan at this time of year, as you’re pretty much spoilt for choice with a galaxy of companies who’ll sort you out with either a small, affordable personal loan or alternatively (and if you’re looking to lend for a more substantial present for that someone special), the ever-popular logbook loans. Why not see what Loans2Go provide, for example; as they are one of a number of small loans providers falling over themselves to play the role of Santa this Christmas, if your existing funds are a little, well, on the Bob Cratchit side. 

Virtual Christmas Shop!

Elsewhere you might want to consider the tried and tested advantages of doing your Christmas shopping online. OK. We know late night shopping when all around you snow is falling and choristers are gathered singing carols on street corners (not to mention the incredible window displays the bigger department stores put on) are an indispensable part of the official build-up to the big day, however away from the short-lived romance of a Hollywood rom-com film set you’ll always find that shopping online works out significantly cheaper. One word, three syllables springs to mind, Am-a-zon. eBay is another incredible source of gift ideas in the run up to the season to be jolly.

Commit to Black Friday/Cyber Monday

On which retail-friendly note (above), don’t automatically dismiss the notion of participating in Black Friday/Cyber Monday. We can picture your expression right now. Nothing is more horrifying this side of Halloween than the prospect of engaging in hand to hand combat with equally persistent Christmas shoppers, but it may just prove to be a necessary evil. Whilst nobody wants to wrestle someone to the ground for a cheap TV or PS4 gaming console, the discounts are very worthwhile if you practise Wii Boxing in the weeks leading up to the 23rd of November. Just stick to your hit list of presents and go for it. Less physically demanding is Cyber Monday; whereby you can shop in your PJs if you want, as you won’t be stepping foot out of the house to snaffle up those ideal Christmas gifts. And where a raft of online retailers afford you hourly discounts on a host of items. 

Get Your Creative On!

While not everyone is a budding Blue Peter presenter, that’s not to say the one we made earlier can’t put a smile on a loved one’s face this Christmas. When you think about it, what says ‘I love you’ more than the thought, sentiment and man/woman hours invested in a small arts and crafts project with a distinctly Yuletide theme. Makes throwing money at something all seem rather crass now, doesn’t it? Well, crass it might not necessarily be, but unimaginative and predictable it most certainly is. So go on, treat that someone special in your life to a handmade gift. Be it confectionary, knitted, a photo album or whatever, cherished by the surprised recipient is one thing it will be. Plus, think of the Instagramming opportunities on Christmas Day morning!

Loyalty Cards/Voucher Codes are King!

This is what Nectar card points were made for. When you’re clean out of ideas/time/money (delete as applicable), who will fight your corner to the bitter end but this little flexible friend/lifesaver. Simply by saving points up all year round, come Christmas you can really go to town. And if nothing floats your boat in terms of Nectar’s offers, then don’t forget you can exchange them for dedicated vouchers for your favourite store. The same basic rules of thumb apply to voucher codes; in as much as they provide superb discounts on famous brands as well as meals out at restaurants, to mention but two ways to splash that voucher code cash.

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