How To Revive Floors With Professional Wood Floor Restorer

Hardwood floors can last for a lifetime – or longer. You’ve no doubt seen those pictures of beautiful 200-year old houses with original wood floors. Although those floors have some imperfections, they look like they’re in great shape. How? Easy, they are professionally refinished. A wood floor restorer can sand the finish off of those floors and then apply some new stain in order to make them look new again. This is the best thing about hardwood floors. You can’t refinish any other type of flooring. Before you search for wood floor installers Dallas in order to find a company to tackle this job for you, you need to know a few things.

Distressed Flooring Requires Less Care

If you choose to keep your wood floors looking aged and distressed – meaning that they have some scratches and other marks in them – then the refinishing process is much easier. You don’t have to pay the additional fee to have the wood sanded down, because you want to keep those marks and imperfections. Sanding would get rid of them. All that the expert would need to do is apply a clear coat in order to add a little protection and extend the age of the floor.

Repairs Can Be Made

For those of you who don’t want distressed flooring, those scratches and other things can be repaired. A professional knows how to deal with them. This might include everything from filling in the cracks, buffing away the scratches, or even replacing entire boards that may be beyond the point of repair. Once the finish has been sanded off and the repairs are done, then a new coat of stain will be applied in order to make them look like they’re new again.

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A Floor Can Be Restored More Than Once

The best thing about wood floors is that they can be restored more than one time. In fact, depending on the type of wood and the thickness of the boards, you may be able to restore them every five or ten years. This really adds to the longevity of the floor, and it works in your favor because you can redecorate your home without worrying about having to purchase new floors. You can just refinish the old ones (as long as they’re hardwood), which gives you more room in your redecoration budget that can be used on other things.

Why You Need To Hire a Professional

You definitely need to hire a professional to refinish your hardwood floors, because the odds of doing things wrong are very high. Since your hardwood floors can last for a long time, you need to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth out of them. The last thing that you need is to potentially damage them for good, to the point where they need to be replaced as soon as possible. This is why you need to hire a professional – someone who’s an expert at this type of job.

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